Upsers's MCO internal jobs postings?Anyone hired or interviewed?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by btrlov, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Two postings have popped up in my district. I'm curious as to see if this system is legitimate, meaning that the jobs posted are real, vacant, and open to all that are qualified?.It very hard to believe that a district would advertise a position nationally that HASNT been earmarked for someone else already working in that facility. Has anyone been interviewed or promoted in this manner?
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    I think this is a mandated by Corporate HR and Risk management.
    For most positions, this posting is mere window-dressing as the person selected was already determined in advance and for good reason many times.
    It is expedient to hire the person that has "local" knowledge and will require little training and most important, a known quality.
    The number of complete duffasses I have seen hired based on their resume and interviews leaves a bad taste.
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    The system is legitimate, you will notice the requisition number posted for each job. An actual current opening is required for a requisition.

    As far as why they would advertise the position without filling it with somebody in the facility, the Internal Job postings are for positions that could not be filled as part of the Career Development process or Peoples Meetings. The positions are posted internally for at least 10 days prior to being posted externally at

    I have seen multiple individuals interviewed and promoted/transferred as a result of this process.
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    thanks, no luck so far but im gonna keep trying