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    Does anyone know who manufactures the dolly's UPS uses. I'd like to buy one, but am having trouble locating them online.

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    Our center tried to save some cash a few years back. They bought some of those cheap fold up carts from Kmart or Walmart. They lasted bout a month. I've got a great one now. It's the aluminum one with the no flat tires on it . As Tony the Tiger says ................." IT'S GREAT"

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    Rarely you come across someone who refers to their handtruck as a "dolly" are you overseas? BTW, my handtruck is named "Suzie", the lip of my H/T from all these years is so sharp, it could be used as a weapon if needed.
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    When I saw the word dolly in the title I thought it referred to the apparatus we use to connect one trailer to another.

    This device is also known as a converter gear or converter dolly.
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    I am here in Texas and everyone here calls them dollies. It must be a regional thing.
    We also have to lock them in our truck or sometimes they seem to disappear.
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    Try writing your name all over it with a wide sharpie. Since doing this I haven't had a problem. I don't know where to purchase one, but I have sent mine to a welder to have it re-enforced for heavy loads. I have the aluminum one with the narrow tongue and air tires. I love this thing.
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    I always thought this was the real Texas Dolly:

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    One of the business supply houses sell the same handtrucks that we use. I have delivered several.

    I also had mine ripped off while on route. Delivered a cart-load and left it at the truck while I walked off a dozen NDA envelopes, got back and it was gone.....
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    Isn't it proper UPS grammar to call it a "carrying aid"????

    I refer to it as a "two wheeler".
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    We usually call them "hand trucks" around here. I have heard them called dollies too, but thats rare.
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    Yes, I am in Texas also. We call them dollies around here. I guess it is just regional slang. Of course I know it as a hand truck or carry aid too, but rarely does one use that term around here.

    The one I'm referring to is two wheel only (not the one that converts to a four-wheel set up like the first responder to my original post put in a link). I'm talking about the one that has a fold-down extended tongue. It has a straight short handle at the top along with a U-shaped curve that rests perfectly on a rear bumper or bottom cab stair.

    Yes we get them stolen by fellow employees at my center. Literally half the ones we have are broken and barely usable if not completely un-servicable. Despite all of the demos we may do on proper use of a dolly, some still find a way to break them.

    The center team is ordering new ones, but with cost-cutting in effect their requests just seem to keep being ignored. The one I use now is broken and barely works.

    Anyone find the type I'm talking about online?
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    defacing UPS property !!!! Your Fired {again} lol
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    This one is the closest I've found. It would work. The only thing I'm concerned about is that there is no gap between the short strait handle and the perpendicular "U". A small amount of space between the two allows the dolly to lean and catch on the edge of a the lower shelf in the package car and not roll around all over the back of the truck. I'm being picky, I know.
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    I thought the same thing:knockedout:
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    One driver spray painted his "Hot Pink", it didn't go over to well with mnmgt. It now belongs to the inside clerks....
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    Here's a side note about the Handtruck/Dolly debate. How is it that our mall guy feels he has to push 2 of those carts that fold out into wagons? Surely there is some sort of safety issue involved when one person is pushing 2 handcarts loaded to the hilt with pkgs, through an area choked with people. Do all mall people push 2 handcarts simultaneously? Does anyone else have a problem with this? I'd like to hear from Union and MGMT on this one please.
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    I agree that pushing 1 collapsable 4 wheeler and pulling another is a safety issue too. The security of the customers packages can also be another issue.

    Some malls have let UPS keep a regular 4 wheel irreg cart in a maintenance room and it works out well. Of course it is painted Pullman Brown and has a big UPS shield on it. A few times I heard of a mall tenant trying to use it when it was needed by UPS for deliveries. A quick call to the Mall Cop took care of that.