Upstate/West NY Supplement .. the joke is on you

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    For all of those covered by this agreement (if you want to call it that), get ready for the worst contract since 1997. The main topics of interest for full-time employees, and those that wish to become full-time are four, ten hour days (no overtime after eight) and seniority issues related to this article (part-time cover drivers will gain super seniority status.) Vote this in, and one week, you may work Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, for four, 10 hour days, no overtime, and the following week can and most likely will be on a different schedule. Wow...what progress. Thank your loser business agent for voting yes to this, and let them know that you appreciate your seniority counting for nothing. When you are allowed to view these unforgivable changes, I hope to hear from you.
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    This is the big buzz in feeders right now and it is somewhat consistent with what you say. If this is true, we have been sold out!
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    Where is it? That's what we get when our local is the first in the nation to agree. Sell out.
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    I want to know what Upstate feels in regards to your supplement.
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    I cant find it? Is it downloaded somewhere? Local is turning into Ups patsy. Like stink. So glad he's not my steward.
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    Whether you get OT after 8hrs is regulated by your state and the contract cannot override it.

    They would have to create one new feeder job for every 5 guys they worked 4 days only. They would much rather work you 5 days at 59.99 hours
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    Thats a big negative tranham, we have feeder routes here that are 4 10s and EVEN have 4 10 combo 22.3 jobs that get NO OT!!!!!

    This is a way to "smoke out the bees" of the guys that are eligible to retire, but haven't yet. Feeder drivers making $100k a year will loose all their OT, pushing them into retirement. They would make $4000/monthdriving feeder, or $3200/month to retire... easy decision for me if Im over 59.5.
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    Night train,explain this super seniority status you speak of
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    Ok, then your current contract already allows it? So no new changes for you? Most states don't.

    Secondly, if it did happen you would still always get OT after 40 hours. So are you saying they are cutting out all OT and going to 4 days weeks? This would go against everything UPS have done in the last 10 years making everyone work as many hours as possible. There is very little incentive for UPS to do this huge change as it saves little. We have a couple 4 day routes also but that is due to work being moved by rail on Fridays.
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    Night train is this just for feeders? Anyone else have a look at upstate supplements?
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    Bro, everything about this contract is going against everything UPS has done for the last 10 years! They will replace the feeder drivers who get "smoked out" with feeder drivers who would like 40hr weeks, who dont get 6 weeks vacation a year, and who are 15 years out from retirement! They are estimating 30 more feeder drivers to get pulled up here by summer, we will need 30 more pkg drivers as well.... but they will be "part time cover drivers" in package they will pay $16/hour(I dont know anyone in the hub that will do it). It saves tons buddy.... replace 30 drivers that work 60hrs a week @ $33/hour with 30 drivers(in pkg) that get paid $16/hour and 3 weeks vacation a year.
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    The REASON they kept so few employees full time is because they didnt want to pay for a ton of full time benefits, overtime "was" cheaper than paying another full time benefit package per year, part time benefits are HALF what a full timers are.... news flash, this contract's benefits suck and the benefits cost the company even less..
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    The supplement, which just a month or so ago had a handshake, has gone back to the negotiating table. The stumbling block appears to be retiree health care. The 4x10's mentioned above are feeder only and will be limited to 10% of the total bid routes rounded down to the next lowest number---in my center that would mean 1 bid route would be converted to 4x10's, with overtime starting after 10 hours/day, 40 hours/week. In regard to retiree health care, the company wants the union to offer our retirees health care with premiums between $50-100/month----currently it is closer to $500/month. The company and union are sitting down to work out the details and expect to have a supplement ready to vote on by the end of the month.

    I like the contract. PTers got their bump in starting pay to $10/hr. FTers got decent raises with the 1st 3 years paid in full on 1 Aug. Changes have been made to Surepost to get it more in line with the original concept of small packages being diverted---technology will be put in place to ensure packages exceeding 10 pounds and/or a certain dimensional size will be delivered by UPS hourly employees. FT progression was increased to 4 years which in effect creates a two-tiered wage system----I am certain we will see a defined two-tiered wage system in 2018. Healthcare goes to the Teamsters---as I predicted the 30/60/90 magically disappeared. The use of technology as a discipline tool remains unchanged----this surprised me as I thought for sure we would see language more in the favor of the company on this issue, especially considering the amount of money they have invested in technology.

    I was surprised at the number of people who had no idea our contract was about to expire when I mentioned that we had a handshake agreement.
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    Welcome Back!
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    Thanks. Welcome back.
    I don't understand why the company would want to insure retirees healthcare for that much cheaper. What's in it for them? Is your health fund solvent and can it absorb the added cost?
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    Where did you get this from ... I got a good idea but I would like to understand your logic.

    Actually, the increase in benefit costs are very substantial ... probably more than the wages if we look back on the period 5 years from now.

    Benefit costs is one area that I have been amazed at how few people (Union hourly and management) understand and consider the cost to provide.
    Management has been having their benefit compensation reduced since the early 90's and it continues every year.
    Unfortunately, it is inevitable that the Union employees will be impacted as UPS continues to control costs.
    If UPS does not control costs, then the number of Union employees will decrease.
    The next 10 - 20 years will be interesting years to watch and see how UPS adapts to the realities of the global world.
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    You may have misread what I posted---the company does not want to insure retirees---they want the union, which does currently offer retiree healthcare for around $500/month, to do so for $50-100/month. Our health fund is doing quite well---we have enough money to provide 18 months of coverage in our reserve fund. Our BA told us that the union is trying to figure out if they can do this and what would be the best way to do this if they are able to.

    Our pension is at 51% and there was talk of raising the retirement age to 57 but our BA told us that the last quarter of the economic turndown of 2008 is about to come off the books and our funding percentage should increase dramatically. We still have about 5,000 more retirees than actives.
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    The use of technology has been unreliable.

    The company has always.... had to prove their case.

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