US labour leader Hoffa urges stronger China unions


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US labour leader Hoffa urges stronger China unions - Reuters

Granting Chinese unions more power will help protect U.S. jobs from unfair, low-wage competition, a top U.S. union official said on Thursday before a fact-finding mission to the world's fourth-largest economy.


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outsourcing to sweat shops? is hoffa kidding? i'd like to think he's deliberately being ignorant in order to score points rather than seriously thinking that.

they outsource to china because it's cheaper. factories pay less because cost of living in china is also last. there is so much demand for labor that sweat shops are obsolete; the labor force has choice in where they can go.

sweat shops. what a goof. :confused:1


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I could be mistaken but isn't China the country where if you speak out against the establishment (government, big business etc.) you either:
1) disappear, never to be seen again or;
2) you get a bullet in the back of the head and your family gets a bill for 19 cents?
"There is so much demand for labor......." yea, right. Isn't china the most populated country in the world? The economy of that country is so poor that someone making five dollars an hour probably thinks he died and went to heaven.
"The labor force has choice in where they can go". Is that right? I suppose they do have a choice if they can figure out how to get out of the conutry without getting captured.
I guess I've missed the mass exodus of chinese into this country.:lol: