"US under Obama Could Slide Into Military Dictatorship!"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Sep 30, 2009.

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    The rantings of the "wingnut right"? Tea party chant? Glenn Beck again?

    Not hardly!

    And hats off to Glenn Greenwald for being a real champion on the issue of anti-war and liberty. I guess like my friend Anthony Gregory, Glenn's having to deal with the new version of Fascism in America or maybe not new but rather just the latest version in upgrade!


    And with the latest potential military adventures heating up with Iran, that all in many respects started when the looney tune of Tehran was not called out for using an obvious misquote to his advantage. Now, this was nothing but manna from heaven for the "alliance of god" and in fact on the otherside, they used it to advantage in the political homeland by pointing out how the beast was wailing and gnashing teeth.

    Like the sucker Americans who were verbally conned by their leaders, so the Iranians are being verbally conned as well. Gov't lies there, gov't lies here (do I repeat mysefl?) and then there are those who wail and gnash teeth at my an arkhos! And yet nobody dare stand up and suggest the Emperor has No Clothes! I guess in our twisted world today, that would be hate speech!

    Right Ant!