Using iPads and iPods with UPS Computers

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by DataGurll, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. DataGurll

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    Can anyone tell me if UPS IT standards support employees using iPads or iPods in the office with their UPS computers? I wish to sync up my personal iPad's Calendar/Contacts/Tasks to sync with Outlook Exchange from my work computer (no music being downloaded or played!). The PC setup in my location is such that my PC doesn't recognize Apple devices at all. We are not allowed to install iTunes, but I believe one can sync the iPad without it. I've been told there are UPS employees that have iPads for company use, so they must be doing this, but I don't know how. Any information on this would be appreciated.
  2. whiskeyagogo

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    You can check the SPM for the wording - it says something like 'no unauthorized devices are to be connected to the UPS network or to UPS hardware'. I would take that as a resounding 'no' on hooking up your personal devices without the risk of getting in trouble.
    The iPads are probably someone's pilot program where they have been granted specific exemption from the iTunes rule or something like that.
  3. obama

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    there is definitely some IPAD testing going on in Mahwah.
  4. virtualpro

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    From what I heard the last Board of Directors meeting was done with each member being able to view the presentations on an iPad - looking forward to the day when there is no Windows PCs!
  5. 2029guy

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    The last time I looked at this to synch a Iphone to outlook you needed Itunes which UPS will not allow. I also tried this convoluted way by using a Google program to update your Gmail calendar and contacts which worked until I got a nasty gram saying to uninstall it. If someone knows how to do this I would like to hear I would like to switch from my blackberry storm which will synch using the blackberry storm synch software to a Iphone.
  6. TechGrrl

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    How about using Google calendar to synch with Outlook, then your iPhone synchs with Google calendar?
  7. whiskeyagogo

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    I bet a paycheck that those presentations were made on Windows machines.
  8. fireman000

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    There are a number of users in the IS NJ Campus who are using Good Enterprise to download email/ calendar events to their smarthphones and iPads. This does not link to Google Calendar or any other 3rd party vendor software pkg. At this time there are no plans to allow users to link directly to Exchange with smart devices and most likely will not allow this.
  9. DataGurll

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    I will have to wait for UPS to catch up with the rest of the world, I guess. In the meantime, I sync an HTC phone with Windows Mobile Device Manager. Just synching Outlook, no big deal. If only I could do that with an iPhone or an iPad! You can't even run GoogleSync without raising a flag, so I'll just wait.