using preloaders as casuals

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  1. just_a_number

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    r ne other centers doing this??? using preload and local sort guys as casuals??? requiring them to enter into extra contract agreements sating that after the "free" period they return back to the belts??? is this allowable by contract either in the national master or the rider???im in new england and its happening in our building...can neone help me find the language in the contract for it??? ive asked my b.a. about it and i get the all to famous response from him..."its the company they can do wut they want when they want"...just lookin for some answers on this.
    thanks in advance
  2. whiskey

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    My gut feeling? It aint right. It's probably one of those situations where the Teamsters have agreed to look the other way. And then down the road, one hand washes the other.
  3. just_a_number

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    whiskey... article 6 of the master agreement says basicly the company cant enter into ne extra contract agrrements and that such agreements would b null and this should mean that they should have senority being that we r past 30 days into the so called free i missing something???
  4. Backlasher

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    If it's out of contract, then it's void. They can't create an additional contract and inforce it unless union representation is there and agrees. My B.A. said sign all the papers they hand you, cause when they want to back it up, they can't cause it's out of our contract and not agreed to by union. Sign it to make them happy & laugh in their face when the time comes.
  5. menotyou

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    Don't sign anything!
  6. BrownArmy

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    I sign everything. As far as I can tell, it doesn't make a darn bit of difference.

    So far, every piece of paper management has wanted me to sign are basically variations of whatever I signed when I got hired anyway, what's the difference?

    "Sure, I'll sign this piece of paper that says when it's raining out I'll increase my following distance!". Dummies.

    I have no idea why endless pieces of paper make management so happy...
  7. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    As I said, don't sign anything!
  8. BrownArmy

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    Could you be more specific?
  9. robot

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    I don't sign anything. Not even my DVIR.
  10. JonFrum

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    Are we talking about full-timers???

    The New England Supplement says . . .

    Article 61 - Vacation
    Section 9 - Summer Vacations [June, July, August, and the first two weeks of September]

    (b) The Company will attempt to offer the opportunity to cover driver vacations to as many full-time inside employees as possible, provided there is no disruption in the Employer's operations.

    (c) The Company will offer the opportunity to cover tractor-trailer vacations to as many tractor-trailer qualified employees as possible.
    - - -
    And Article 57, Section 4 (i) says . . .

    Employees hired to cover vacations in the months of June, July and August and the first two weeks of September shall not attain seniority.
  11. brett636

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    Its been done in my building for years. I dunno if anything can be done about it, but it all falls in your local and whats stated in your local rider and or supplement.
  12. just_a_number

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    no these r partime employees bieng used as casual drivers then bieng sent back to the belts after the "free" period....
  13. ORLY!?!

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    Dont sign anything they give you, especially if its about performance.

    You agree and sign for it they will expect you to do it every time. Plus, giving them a little bit of hell is all the worth it.
  14. packageguy

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    Again, sign nothing but your paycheck.
  15. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    They are called seasonal drivers here, we get them in the summer time. They use the part timers for the summer for vacation coverage and send them back to their original part time gig when free period is over. It is allowed in the central.
  16. GoForBroke

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    "I don't sign anything. Not even my DVIR" by robot

    OK have fun with that federal DOT fine that you will get!
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  17. GoForBroke

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    We call them "REG TEMPS" in the east they are part time preloaders or local sorters, driver qualified(usually saturday drivers) during June through August, and November-December. to cover summer vacations and run the split cars during peak. as soon as the free period is up they go back to the sorts. And depending on how many years they do that, if they get a full time bid they progress to top rate alot faster.
  18. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    They also have no contractual rights here, other that the right to go back to part time, they are considered the same as a driver in the 30 day trial period.
  19. JonFrum

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    I thought so.

    So what's the problem?

    The Company is just applying the agreed-upon full-timer language to part-timers. Teamster negotiators long ago made the CONCESSIONS that UPS could hire Temps for three months in the Winter, and Vacation Covers for more than three months in the Summer.

    There's nothing in the Contract to prevent UPS from hiring existing part-timers into these non-seniority openings, so it's not an Extra Contract Agreement that conflicts with Contract provisions. UPS is just offering the work to existing UPSers rather than to New Hires off the street.

    Instead of just getting 3.5 hours a day, some part-timers, (I assume in Seniority order,) are being voluntarily given the chance to earn extra money, get extra hours, earn extra Pension Credits, possibly qualify for better (full-time) H&W benefits, and gain advanced experience as a package car driver.

    Once you accept the sad fact that the Teamsters are OK with UPS having a "Free Period" of more than half the year, the rest logically follows.
  20. menotyou

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    The problem is short staffing. They use the part-timers from the sort, then the sort(usually preload) is short staffed. There is the problem. Now management think they can work, because they created the short staffing ,by not hiring more preloaders. They don't hire more preloaders because the shortage will "only" last til fall. Then, watch out, here comes peak. Round and round we go. That has been the problem at my center. The managers not putting their 'time in' lead to our DM saying the sort can function on 12 people. No, it can't. As I just found out yesterday, and am still unsure if it's true, Psycho Susie has put in her 2 week notice. She is going back to school. If the Queen of Hell can't stand to stay in the Hell she and the others created, it must be pretty bad.