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    Just curious how y’all used the vacations in conjunction witch your retirement date. Yes was told to use towards end of year so I’d be eligible for the following years vacation also. If this is true how does the company let us use vacation during December ?
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    All the company worries about is if you're there to work like an army mule during peak. They don't mind cutting a check for the next years' vacation then.
  3. If he work until October here, you get paid all of your vacation time for next year. The only thing we don't get is next year's sick and personal days.
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    I had been off work with shoulder surgery. Was cleared to come back right after the first of the year, but never worked again. That 6 week check was a nice start to retirement.
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    For me it was simple. I started saving vacation and sick days many, many, years in advance of retirement. I got pay for months that was handed to me in individual checks (deposit receipts/phony checks/cant cash this paper).

    I had the best payroll clerk EVER! I needed to be 50 to get Health insurance and I was 49 at the time I left,
    so all the days of saving Vacation and Sick days made my retirement exit so SCHWEEEEET!

    I don't recommend this for everyone! Just a select few! It is moocho importante that if you are reading this and still working? You need to keep working! That way my SS payments last a little longer!
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    You must be in the west.

    No rolling time here
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    Yes, So Cal. I forget what year it was?? They started allowing you to rollover vacation weeks and keep your sick pay on the books. The last 6 or seven years I was saving 2 to sometimes 3 weeks a year in anticipation of retiring. I was motivated you might say! I wanted retire as soon as possible!

    You just couldn't bid more vacation time than you received in one calendar bid. Meaning, if you had 6 weeks vacation, you could bid the first six weeks by seniority. Then to bid more you had to wait till the seniority list had gone completely thru if you wanted to bid unused vacation.
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    If we could do this I'd be all over it, I would have at least 6 months of vacation to take pre-retirement.
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    Add another 1/2 year accrual to my pension while sitting at home? Not that big of a deal I guess but probably give me a little bit of satisfaction.
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    I had 9 weeks to use this year. Took 2 in Feb. Last day of work was last day of April. Used remaining 7 from May 1 through mid June. Sick days filled up rest of June. My 1st pension check was May 1. Yes, was double dipping.

    Didn't matter that I didn't work until end of year, in September I received a check for all vacation, sick, and floating holidays accrued this year through end of June.

    This is Western/NorCal.
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    I used my 7 weeks up thru the first 8 months of the year and used 6 more that I had accrued for 2019 up until my pension kicked in.