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    Our Center has been cutting trips left and right...working drivers 9 1/2 to 11 hours @ day. 9 out of 10 drivers are delivering between 10 and 30 packages (on average a day) to the US POST OFFICE? Should the Teamsters be looking into this matter?
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    That number is below or at normal avg's for our post offices. It's not a Teamster issue. UPS can run their business they way they want to and that includes making deals with the post office for basic services. It's good that we get in on part of that. We are capable of handling that volume more so than the Post office.

    The big issue is the cutting of rtes and causing more over 9.5's. This is what should be addressed.
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    Teamsters are delivering them to the post office, so technically there is no grounds to "look" into this.
    I do understand that by stopping this practice an extra few stops per day would be scattered to other drivers, but not enough to add more drivers.
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    DHL had a service for many years that went to the local post office for the last mile delievery or so it was called .
    On my route sometimes I would have anywhere from 15-50 pieces a day.
    Former DHL driver here !