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    Hey all. I've been lurking for a month or so since I found the forums trying to find out what to wear for the PT Package position interview. Got hired, yada yada, and have been working for a few weeks. I've been moved around a bit which is great for learning different stations, but I've mainly been in primary putting boxes label up and then onto some belts, or pulling stuff out of trailers. It's not rocket surgery but a good day's work crammed into a few hours. A couple weeks in and my body's getting used to it, so the soreness has all but dissapeared.

    Before I started I was getting nervous after reading some posts on here about management and some of the larger centers. I lucked out though I think. I'm in a pretty small place and management is cordial if not friendly, and professional. There's not too much yelling besides the usual ball-busting, and all the guys have been welcoming and helpful. So it must really depend on where you're located. I might still be in that "naive new guy" stage, but so far so good. It just seems like if you show up ready to work, and keep up the intensity then everything works itself out.

    Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll be around for awhile.
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    Welcome to BC.
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    Good attitude!
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    Rocket surgery?
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    It's a common play on words..... a combo of rocket science and brain surgery and all the cool kids use it !!