Usually I'm glad to see them go

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  1. 728ups

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    We were informed this morning that our center manager will be transferred to the Pleasantdale Hub,and I hate to see him go,as was our Driver Group. I have worked for a great many Supervisors and Managers over the years but have very rarely worked for such a natural leader.He dosen't play games,issue needless discipline,or all of the other BS that I have encountered. Instead he leads by example and told us many times he felt his job was to 'take care of his people',and as driver group we all have tried to take care of him.
    He really knows how to motivate people to get the most from them,and it has been nice to come to work in a center with high morale.
    I wish him the best,and hope in the coming years I read of him being promoted to VP.
  2. Jones

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    My center manager retired right after peak and I was sorry to see her go as well, we had a few differences over the years but she was a good person who actually cared. I'm sure I'll be even sorrier when her replacement shows up.
  3. rod

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    Everyone should have at least one center manager in their 30 year tour of duty who is a stand up person. Unfortunately from my experience one is all you get. Count your lucky stars that you had one.
  4. Leftinbuilding

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    Thanks for posting this. Normally all we read are the negatives about management, and I know a lot of it is warranted. But there are some good people out there and I was fortunate to have several in my 36 years.
  5. 728ups

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    It has been at least 20 years since i have worked with a manager of this caliber. I'm lucky: I have had 2 excellent center manager's
  6. Cementups

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    Shortly before peak started our center manager was reassigned to the worst center in the district to try and help them improve. This was after being with us for 5 years. A few tears were shed. He was a very stand-up guy. Then, unfortunately, he had it up to here (imagine my hand way up high) and went into work one day and threw his keys on the desk and quit. They broke him. :(
  7. Dracula

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    Never get too high or too low by the quality of your managers. You can't control it, and it always goes in cycles.
  8. cachsux

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    We've been fortunate at CACH to have had a decent group of sups and mgrs for the last 5 years or so. Once we got rid of our problem Div mgr and replaced him with one of our feeder mgrs it has gotten better yet.
    Some may still have complaints but those are also the ones who usually do something to get the attention they receive.
  9. over9five

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    Must be the time of year. My center manager (Feeders) just got promoted to Atlanta last week. Great guy, he was my sup in Package over 20 years ago.
    Always thought if I ever got into big trouble here, he would get me out.
  10. Dingo

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    if he went to Atlanta hub it was a demotion.
  11. 728ups

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    yep, if you dont live right you go to Atlanta Hub when you die
  12. scratch

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    Its about like a war zone off Fulton Industrial Blvd, with the abandoned buildings, meth heads, and hookers.
  13. Big Babooba

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    You mean like in rug makers?
  14. scratch

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    I doubt these unfortunate people use the same kind of needles used in the textile business.
  15. brownmonster

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    That would be the Dalton Hub.
  16. cachsux

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    If someone was smart they'd hire the meth heads as primers. I hear they have lots of energy.