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  1. hey guys, i worked for ups partime for a little over a year and when i first got this job it was suppose to be a short term thing, well its over a year and when i should have paid attention to things i didnt, as a result i didnt take vacations- time off etc. etc.

    Now my question, if anyone can answer which would be awesome is how do i "cashout" my vacation time? I mean its near the end of the year and i think i should do something before someone says "oww that sucks for you." On my pay stub it says-

    VAC 20.00 H OPD 20.00 H OPW 20.00H OTH 2.68 H

    and what does OPW mean? im assuming OPD is "option day." We also get a "option week?"

    I tried talking to my supervisor about it and he didnt know jack, like i heard from fellow co-workers "you cant spell stupid without UPS."

    Thanks to anyone that helps!
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    I tried talking to my supervisor about it and he didnt know jack, like i heard from fellow co-workers "you cant spell stupid without UPS."

    Since you are smarter than your supervisor, you figure it out or get with your union steward. I would suggest you see your manager, but based on your comment noted above, you probably wouldn't get your answer.

    If it were me, I would be more than happy to get all your paperwork in, and pay you what you are owed, and wish you luck in your next job. And take the time to pay attention to your entitlements at your next job, so you're not in the same position again.

    Just some friendly advice
    Good Luck
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    Dear upsidedowntosteroven - how do you get a name like that? P.S. just donate your vacation time when you leave. It works out best for all us retired people if the company can save a buck. Sounds like you probably been donating your breaks also. Thanks
  4. so much hate man, usually i show much more respect to elders but in your case ill make an exception. .
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    been there over a year and never discussed optional holidays, optional weeks , sick days etc with anyone? And you think UPS is stupid?
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    I am interested in this too. I heard you get paid OPT days after 2 years. If I would've known this I would've took them. :angry:
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    in all fairness, those management folks do not tell the new hires what they are entitled to......i usually tell the people that i work with the ropes because i know they have NO CLUE and management will stick it to them as much as possible! we actually had a full time sup tell the part time employees in the hub what week they were taking vacation!! not that they could pick like last october in seniority order........i try to give low senior and part time employees information about what is right and what is come some senior employee hasn't stepped up.......maybe you should quiz some of the senior people......
  8. tritese

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    another way to find things out is to get a contract book.....of course assuming that you are in the union........most questions can be answered by reading the contract, not that ups abides by it.......only when it is convenient to them........or if we enforce it.........
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    You should have already been paid any time off due you. I had four unused Option Days left and they were paid off December 14 with a different direct deposit along with my paycheck. I would find out who handles reporting your hours at your location and also call the Payroll Dept.
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    that's kind of what I was hinting at but you said it much more clearly:happy2:
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    Pay off days are different at each local. Our un-used personal days are paid off May 1st, we can carry over our un-used sick days if desired to an unlimited amount, some guys have 20 sick days saved up.
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    Did you leave or were you dischraged. If you were dischraged you are not entitled to those unpaid days at all.