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    i have been at ups for about a year and a half and was wondering how many vacation days,sick days and personal days i am supposed to have so far? i am a part timer northern nj
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    Look @ the bottom of your paystub.
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    It depends on your supplemental contract. I'm a feeder driver in north jersey. Like another poster said it's on the bottom of your check. Sickdays are listed as "oth". Then we get option days and an option week. (full time), then in the last contract we got an "anniversary day" 8hrs, but there isn't a place on the bottom of the check for it. I know it's confusing, when in doubt call payroll. We get our sick time and vacation time in May. Again that's the way full time is. You could also check with a KNOWLEDGEABLE shop steward. Not all of them are knowledgeable.
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    Seriously though, the answer is 16.

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    How is it 16?

    1 week vacation = 5
    5 sick days = 5
    3 personal days = 3

    Am I missing something???
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    New Jersey gets:
    1 week vacation
    1 "option week" can be taken as vacation or recieve pay and work
    6 sick days, 2 of which can be used as personal day w/prior approval of mgmt.
    1 "option day" can take as personal day or can choose to work, recieve 8 hrs pay plus double time for every hour worked. I believe this is in lieu of election day.
    1 "anniversary day" as stated previously recieved this with new contract.

    5 days vacation
    6 sick days
    5 day "option week"
    1 option day
    1 "anniversary day"

    This is for full timers in North Jersey, in second year we recieve 2 weeks vacation.

    This is all in the supplemental agreement. Which can vary widely from district to district.
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    Yes....A joke :happy2::happy2:
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    lulz to the n'th degree.

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    Atatbl pm'd me
    I should have known:whiteflag:
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    the reason why i ask is because it didnt seem like i had all i'm supposed to have i havent used any yet and all i have is 5 days for vacation 1 day for opd,nothing for opw and only 4 hours for oth
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    Whatever the answer may be, why would you come to this forum to seek it? If the thread continues you we get 7 different answers on top of the 3 you already recieved.

    Why not just ask the center manager? If he doen't know then I don't know who would. Its his business and he should know. I know if I ran a business the first thing I would know is how much "paid time away from the company" an employee is entitled to. Wouldn't you?
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    16 seems about right to me.
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    Sounds like it's 16 hours. Enjoy!
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    the reason why i ask here is because in the past when i asked questions about different things like the ba (bargaining agreement)the reply i got was "the what?" or when i had a shortage on my pay i was told to bring a copy ot the check then after waiting a week with no solution ask again wheres my money was told "misplaced the check copy could you bring another"etc. ok and i dont need answers from someone who is trying to be funny by giving me smart ass answers when its obvious they aren't smart enough to realize the real joke is between their ears
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    Every section of the country has different supplements to the National Master contract. What is true in my part of the country will more than likely be different from where you are. So with all due respect, ask your union steward these questions or your union business agent, or better yet get a copy of your area's contract and read it.
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