Vacation Buyback

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  1. Artee

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    How does it work at your location? Do you get paid out within a week or two? Or are you forced to wait until there is an open vacation spot on the calendar before they start paying it out?
  2. Cactus

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    The way it usually works is, you have to fill out a buyback form and they'll pay you for the week you were originally scheduled off. Other stations or districts may differ.
  3. Rhoderunner

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    I believe you get the money within a few weeks.
  4. vantexan

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    I used to sell 2 weeks every year. You have to take two weeks vacation, can only sell what you have coming to you above two weeks. Usually got it on following week's check after submitting request. Last year they didn't allow buying back vacation in June, and only one week in July in district I was in. Don't know what current policy is and I won't be able to use it having just been rehired.
  5. Artee

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    From what I remember you used to submit your form and get your pay within a couple weeks. I guess with the budget being so tight our location takes all the buyback requests and they start with the most senior person. When there is a week that is not full for vacation they will go ahead and sell. So if there are 7 people allowed off per week and only 6 people put in they will sell one week for the most senior person. Our most senior guy sells 3 weeks a year, so it could take him a couple months to get fully paid out.

    If there are 10 people selling vacation and you are 8-10th on the list you might not get paid out until February or March when your originally submitted your request back in May of the previous year. I never sell any of my vacation, but people are complaining when they have a vacation coming up and they want to sell one or more of their weeks and spend that money on their time off and they are not allowed access to it for months and months. Guess some of these districts must be getting squeezed pretty hard on the budgets.
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    fedex wants you to have these benefits, they just don't want you to use them.