Vacation Check Garnishment

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    The full-time employees in our center who were scheduled for vacation the week ending August 2 received garnishment memos from the Payroll Department claiming they were overpaid and demanding reimbursement. UPS claims they paid the entire 45 hours at the new rate, and since only 9 hours should have been paid at the new rate, they were owed 36 hours x $.70 ($25.20.)
    All three employees provided pay stubs showing they were, in fact, paid all 45 hours at the old rate, and were actually owed 9 hours x $.70 ($6.30.) Had to file grievances for all of them to protect them from accusations of theft and insubordination since they refused to sign the garnishment memos.

    Check your pay stubs, apparently even payroll doesn't know what they are paying you.
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    My stub for Aug 9 vacation, had the old pay rate on it, but if you do the math and divide gross pay by hours, you see the correct rate paid.
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    I too was on vacation that week, and if you have the employees affected go back I believe it was 1 or 2 weeks earlier they will see an adjustment made, an error by the company overpaying them. I was overpaid $25.20 so they garnished last weeks check. If they don't save their stubs have them go on to view their past stubs.
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    There's a million ways to skim off the top...
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    Name at least 10 ways they can "skim off the top":
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    Who's they?
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    Who dey!
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    6 weeks into the ordeal, we finally got clarification from payroll that the error was in the regular check issued on the same date as the vacation check rather than the vacation check itself. I requested they all be paid an hour of straight time for having to do the due diligence. Denied. Surprise, surprise.