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    We have just been told that if we have any remaining vacation days come Thanksgiving we will lose them. According to their interpretation of the contract it is a use or lose option. Has anyone else been told this? I used to save some to use on the week after Christmas but have been told that Thanksgiving is the cutoff now and any left will not be paid.
    I believe it's Article 5.
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    Should be supplemental language. Where I come from we get paid for any unused sick or option days. I would not know what that is like.
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    What supplement are you under? In the Atlantic Area we are specifically given the option to use personals between Dec 26 and Dec 31. Any optionals not used by the 31st, they will cut you a check for them. Article 54 of the AA supplement.
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    You need to list the supplement you are using as Article 5 of the National Master refers to Sanitary Conditions.

    Pretty sure thats not what your looking for!!
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    Bleah, tried to copy the paper as a file but couldn't do it, so I'll type it out.

    Reminder:There will be no end of the year vacations payoffs, please see vacation guidelines below.

    All vacation time must be paid and used by Thanksgiving Week by w/e 11/21/2009.

    Please be reminded that "No employee shall accept vacation pay in lieu of vacation" per Article 55 of our current contract.

    All employees that have been prepaid must take the time off immediately.

    The language in Article 55 is very clear on what vacation time may be paid off. The language says "No employee shall accept vacation pay in lieu of vacation". The only exception to this rule is in cases where an employee is entitled to four (4) or more weeks of vacation and they elect to take one o0f those weeks in one day increments. If they are unable to take all of those days off, the remaining days will be paid at the end of the year. Foe any other weeks of vacation weeks you must either 'Use them or lose them".

    If you have any question please see a shop steward or supervisor.
    Thank you,

    I took this off the wall at our hub since they have them plastered everywhere. They are saying if you have more the 5 days of vacation left on Nov22 you will lose them and not be paid for them. I was hoping to take them between Christmas and NYE, but guess I can't now.
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    Seems like you should look into article 55 then. It doesn't matter what the company types up or displays. It seems fishy to me. If article 55 spells it out, it seems like they should have quoted it in the letter that "they have plastered everywhere".

    If you do in fact have to take them, the week of Thanksgiving would be a great week for everyone with remaining days to take off.

    As for checking with your steward that's a good idea also. A better idea is to read your contract book yourself, as not to allow your world to be controlled by someone else. JMO
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    Atlantic Area Supplemental Agreement. One line in Article 55 does indeed say 'No employee shall accept vacation pay in lieu of vacation' (Section 2).

    The same section ends with the paragraph 'In the event the days are not taken by December 31st, they shall be paid at 9 hours for full-time employees.. at the straight time rate for the unused vacation days.'

    I guess they have decided that the first line supersedes the last and save a few dollars.