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    Ok so I'm a PT loader with my vacation week booked for the end of June. I have my road test in a few weeks & wanted to know if I lose my vacation week if I go FT driving before June? I have a bunch of unused OPH days left as well
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    In my building you take the weeks you scheduled. When I went full time center manager tried to make me re pick at the bottom of the driver list. Take the weeks you picked this year the times you picked. It'll be forever before you get good choices anyway, make them count!!
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    I got a lump sum payout towards the end of the year. I will say I didn't push it though. Don't make waves until you have your 30, hell even then, don't start burning bridges.
  6. When I went ft driving they cashed me out on all my vacation, optional, and sick days. And YES I lost the time I had already scheduled off. That was 19 years ago so things may be different now.
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    It was the same thing for me 10 years ago.

    Like many things regarding wages and vacations, your absolute best bet is to get a copy of the contract and read it.
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    Suppose the week that you had scheduled as a PTer was closed and there were FTers who wanted the week and couldn't get it---how would this be fair? You are in a new classification and while you don't lose the vacation time you do lose the week that you had scheduled.
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    wrong wrong

    you get the vacation when you bid even if you take a new classification.
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    According to your supplement.

    Many of us work under different supplements, which is why it is important to have a current contract and actually read it.
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    I haven't spoken to anyone in PC in my location about this, but I have spoken to a few 22.3s. The vacation weeks they picked were honored, but since they didn't work enough time in the year as FT they only received PT hours for those vacation weeks. After a year it was all settled and they got FT vacation time based on the weeks available in their new position.

    While not idea, I see how it happens and understand it.