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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Unlucky Guy, Nov 10, 2008.

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    I need some info. I am a part time preload employee with 15 years at UPS. I have never had any problems picking my vacations but this year I ran into a snag. My full time supervisor asked me for my vacations and I gave him my dates. He later came back to me and told me I could only take 1 vacation from May to September. He said according to the contact that this is the way it is and it is being done by the book this time around(due to his boss pushing this). I am 3rd on the seniority list. The two people ahead of me I talked to previously and they had no problem with my vacation picks.

    Now usually I take 2 weeks consecutive(in July) during the summer season since I am involved with the Boy Scouts of America. I then usually take another week later in August, early September, for my family vacation. I do not have a problem moving the vacation for myself since I can plan something anytime. My problem is, is my Full Time Supervisor correct? Due to the contract can I only take 1 week between May and August? I really need written documentation if this is or is not correct.

    I found the current contract online but was unable to find any info he has been talking about. Is this idea grandfathered form a previous contract? Like i said, I have never had a problem before. Links and info would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you see it in the contract please let me know what page.

    I have not talked with my shop steward since this happened this morning and as soon as I punched out I had to leave due to a doctors appointment.

    If you need more info I will give it to you

    Thank you in advance.
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    This is a line of bullcrap. Vacations are picked by seniority alone and as a part timer it will be by your hire date. As you are #3 on the board you should have your choice of anything between 1/01/09 - Thanksgiving 09 and if your area is like ours possibly Xmas week and new years week. Each week separately or together. Stand your ground,hand in the choices you want,and grieve if necessary. Plus,as soon as anyone with less seniority may be allowed to choose a week your denied,you may grieve that as well.
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    Cach could it be in a local supplement? But I agree its kind of wierd they cut down vacation time 2 months for peak and then limit another 3 months is a bit much
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    If he were bottom of the board I could see him having difficulty getting anything during that period but he`s #3. There may be limitations on how many can have any given week off at the same time but once again at his spot he should be capable of almost any choice.Give mgmt the benefit of the doubt and a chance to correct themselves but file if they continue to try and limit your earned vacation.
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    Maybe his center voted to go with a rotation whereby everone gets to pick one week and then the go back thru and pick the rest. Gives the younger guys a chance at a summer vacation. If not, then I would do some serious research before I picked..
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    If he claims it's in the contract, let him point to where it says that. Otherwise do as Cachsux says and ask for what you want and grieve any denial. As far as I know you have third choice for each and every week outside of Peak, period. And, as I recall, here they have to allow at least 1/52nd of the employees to take vacation in any week, so third choice is probably a lock.

    Makeupsdeliver originally put up a complete contract marked with changes, and although I do have it, it was an unsearchable image only. The other versions, including here, are of the changed sections only, so you have to look at the 02-08 (see the link at left) for a lot of the text. So, was the contract you've found online a complete one?

    Anyway, what Supplements, etc., are you under? Vacation choice isn't specified by the National Master, so far as I can see. The Supplements etc are available at Makeupsdeliver (=TDU), btw.
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    Well it really wasn't an issue after all. My full time supervisor was getting his info from another full time supervisor. He got on the phone with the DM and got it all cleared up before he spoke to me this morning.

    I was able to take what I wanted and even got an apology, imagine that.

    Can someone give me the info for part timers on vacations per year? I know at 15 years I now have 4 weeks and an option. Are there any more coming for me?

  8. cachsux

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    Usually once you get to where you are they come every five years.
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    Never ever should this happen.
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    Your F/T sup could have just been honest and said , "hey this kid needs that summer week" or whatever deal making might be going on, etc...instead of outright lying to you,hoping you would just assume the "new by the book language" was indeed true. I'm pretty sure that convo between DM and F/T sup never occured, or if it did - "Ok, he didn't fall for it, so I suppose we must try someone else.."
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    The company my father worked for handled their vacations in a manner such as this and it seemed to work. By seniority they would pick two weeks down the board and the go back to the top until everyones picks were done. High seniority guys still got what they wanted because they always picked first each round.
    I think if UPS implemented this you would see opinions shift from unfavorable to favorable as you went down the seniority ladder.
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    I think this is more of a misinformation exchange between two sups rather than he trying to be dishonest. Lord knows that never happens between any of us. I`m impressed that the sup corrected the situation with an apology.
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    I applaud him for the apology but I still would not trust him in the future.
  14. cachsux

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    Blind trust?,never.
  15. Braveheart

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    Load of crap. Stand your ground and demand they put you down for the weeks you want! They try new crap every year to take away our rights. File a grievance if he does not put you down for the weeks you want!
  16. tieguy

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    Rah Rah Rah Braveheart I have to admit I'm a little curious. If the grocery teller accidently rings up the same item twice do you shoot the clerk and burn the store down in protest? You talk like everything is supposed to be a knock down drag out battle.

    In this case here you had an hourly who had been here 15 years and a f/t supervisor neither of which knew the contract. Despite their ignorance they were able to figure it out and solve the problem without anyones dog or family members having to die a violent death.
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    Unlucky Guy, I'm glad you got your problem worked out. Its amazing how talking to the right people without making a big deal out of it works. I also noticed you volunteer for the BSA. Four about ten years, I used to use one of my vacation weeks to take the boys to Summer Camp. I used to be a SMA in my Troop, and I am now a Committee Member and Eagle Scout Coach. Both my sons made Eagle with Bronze Palms and are doing very well in college and in their lives. Thanks for all you do, its been one of the most rewarding things in my life to spend that time with my sons and all those other boys.