Vacation mixup, can someone help me understand

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    Hey so I was wondering if someone can help me understand what is happening with my vacation.

    I'm a part time loader.

    Seniority date 10/26/12

    I was told that I get 1 week of vacation after 1 year seniority, and that I had to take it between 1yr seniority and the end of the calendar year (had to take it last week of October 2013.

    Here we are in 2014, and I was told to schedule 2 weeks of vacation. 1 any time of the year, and the 2nd, again, between 2yr seniority date and end of calendar year. (Last week of October)

    My first vacation is scheduled for next week (6/8 - 6/14), however I did not receive the advanced pay for the vacation. I inquired about it and was told:

    I got 1 week of vacation 1 year from seniority, I do not get my 2 weeks of vacation until my 2 year from seniority date.

    I have to take my 2 weeks of vacation between October 26th and before peak.

    Also my pay stub indicates I have 7.26 accrued hours of vacation (an odd number?

    I was under the impression that employee vacation, sick days, and rovers renew January 1st of every year. Why aren't mine?

    Will it always be like this? In 20 years will I have to take 5 weeks of vacation between 10/26 and peak of every year?
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    Makes no sense, what happens when/if you max out your vacations. Here, it resets every Jan 1. If anything, your vacation should go from Oct 26 to the next Oct 25. Probably something in your supplement about vacations.
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    You don't have to use it in the short time between when it is refreshed and the end of the year. You can use it any time until the date it refreshes again.
  4. JDAM00

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    So when they told me I had to take the vacation the last week of October 2013 they were wrong?

    Also why does everyone else go by the calendar year and I go by seniority date?

    If it is temporary, because I am somewhat new, when would I switch to the calendar year like the rest?

    How would that work? Would I get my 2 weeks October 26, then January 1, the next calendar year get 2 more?
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    You won't be credited with your second week of vacation until you hit your anniversary date on your second year. Since you're not yet credited with it, you can't take your vacation and don't have the hours in your bank. From that point on, you'll be credited with both vacation weeks (40 hours for PT) after January 1 until you hit your 9th year and get a third week of vacation.

    However, you should be able to take your first week of vacation at any time. If you bid on that week of vacation and win the bid, they can't force you to re-bid. Vacation bids are typically done by your FT supervisor during November/December for the following year. If you won that week off (6/8) and are being told you can't take it now, you need to talk to your steward.
  7. bleedinbrown58

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    Did anyone hit on the fact that perhaps his paystub lists 7 hrs of vacation because he didn't work enough hours in the year to receive the whole week? I don't recall the minimum # of hours needed. To the my local, you're not paid for weeks vacation taken before your seniority date until your seniority date. seniority date is 7/13...and i get 3 weeks vacation a year...but my paystub today lists my vacation hours as zero. I took a week off in March...and will not be paid for it until the second week of july. Any vacation taken after my seniority date...i will get a check two weeks in advance.
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    It isn't rocket surgery. Every time you qualify for an additional week, it is to be picked after your employment anniversary.

    (Nine freaking years now before your third week? Wow!)
  9. PiedmontSteward

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    Varies by supplement, but it tends to be based on number of reports -- not hours. We had an issue in my hub because our top senior PT'ers literally work one day a week (or less) and go home; they were being coded as layoffs and weren't credited with reports. It's prorated if you have more than 60 absences/year.
  10. 30 to life

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    It doesn't make sense that your seniority is in October because from my understanding of the contract is you can't gain seniority in the months of Oct Nov and Dec. So your seniority date should be the first day you worked in Jan.
  11. Mxp

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    My understanding and the way it is done in my hub is you receive 4 floating holidays January 1st to be used in the calendar year. All other days are received on the anniversary day to be used by the following anniversary date.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We select our vacations in January and are allowed to select vacation weeks that we will gain during that year at the same time----we just can't take the week before we are scheduled to earn it.

    It has always been 10 years for the 3rd week.
  13. JDAM00

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    We can gain seniority in October. Cutoff for our facility is Nov 1st.

    I have worked enough hours-definately not the issue.

    The union is saying that I recieved my 1 week vacation in 2013, and my 1 week vacation "renewed" jan 1st, 2014, and I can take that vacation at any time throughout the year. Then I receive my 2 week vacation after 2 years from seniority.
    (20 h jan 1) (20 h oct 26)

    Payroll is saying that my 1 week vacation doesn't renew until my seniority date, along with my 2 week vacation.
    (I will get 40 hours on October 26th)

    Battle ensued.

    Does anyone know who is right and who is wrong. I can take my vacation next week, what's in question is if I will be paid for it. I don't make that much to begin with, can't afford a $0.
  14. JDAM00

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    That's exactly what payroll is saying. I can take the vacation, but will not be paid on it until my seniority date anniversary 10/26. Thanks for the info. Looks like the union is probably wrong and I will need to call the facility on Monday and try to get back to work. It stinks, would have liked a vacation but unfortunately cannot afford to put a weeks pay on the back burner for 5 months.

    Do you know if my vacation pay schedule will always work like this, and will always have to take vacations and wait until October to be paid for them?
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