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    Under any circumstance, is there any instance when the 52 week avg formula is not used when paying out vacation hours?

    Lets say I'm a part timer with 20 hours of vacation time. My anniversary passes. Does UPS get to do (hourly rate x 20 hours) and send me my check? Or are they still required to do (hourly rate x 52 week avg) and send the check?

    I don't see anything in the contract that says unless I take the time off the 52 avg does not apply.

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    You get paid what ever rate you are at, when it is your vacation time.
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    I appreciate your reply but I believe you misread the question. I am not asking what my hourly rate should be. My hourly rate is 25.64. That is not what is in dispute. I am disputing the number they multiplied my hourly rate by.

    I went on vacation just before my anniversary. 20 hours or 1 week.

    However, the company paid 40 hours.

    On 1 check all by itself it read
    Vacation 20 hours 1089.91

    On another check, my check for the work I performed that week, the week prior to my vacation it read in addition to my regular work hours

    Vacation Payout 20 hours 512.80

    Why would the 2nd one not be calculated the same as the 1st. Vacation pay is vacation pay and whether the time is taken or not, should it not be calculated the same?

    Just did some math. If you divide the 1089.91(gross pay)/25.64(hourly rate)=42.51(hours worked)
    1089.91(gross pay)/20(vacation hours)= 54.50(hourly rate)

    Obviously the first calculation is correct, I avg 42.51hours per week.

    So, why was 20 hours used in the 2nd instead of 42.51?

    Am I at least entitled to the difference in pay?
    Vacation pay is vacation pay is it not?
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    Sorry... no one knows?
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    Sounds like one was a vaca check and other was a option week check

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    No vacation payout