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    I'm going to Washington with my lady here soon. I just earned 40 hours about a month ago. I asked my ft sup if he could pay it out for me before I left and he could and he "submitted" it.

    My question is, can you get a payout on vacation as soon as you earn it? I had a ft sup a couple years ago say he couldn't cash it out over some "time until entitlement" or something. Just wanted to see if anyone can provide any clarification. I do plan on getting with my ft again tomorrow.
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    I heard you dont need money in Washington. You can pay in facial hair, urine, red wing boots and white guilt. Please confirm.
  3. Depends on your supplement
    We can sell a week back if we have at least 4 weeks available
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    Is that before, or after you schedule it ?
  6. Before . You have to let them know what week you want paid out.
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    The saying "with my lady", is that a old person (@rod) saying or new hipster?