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  1. artist

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    When do they suppose to pay you for vacation? If I were to take vacation next week am I supposed to get a check or a direct deposit this week?

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    You should of had it last week.
    Check with your boss and/or H.R.
  3. trplnkl

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    Southern Supplement reads it has to be paid the last working day before the vacation. Here they do pay as Heff said.
  4. ol'browneye

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    It used to be the payday before vacation started but now we get ours 2 weeks ahead of time. I am on vacation next week and I got my check last week.
  5. JonFrum

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    Here's what the Contract says . . .
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's the way it is supposed to work, providing that your mgt team inputs your vacation in to the system in a timely manner; unfortunately, this did not happen for me and a retiree in January. I took 2 weeks off mid-January to go visit my daughter in NC and to take care of some business. I did not get my checks 2 weeks prior, informed mgt, and we assumed that they would be there the week prior. They weren't and I ended up filing a grievance and received a day's pay (1/2 the guarantee for 2 days) as a result. In the case of the retiree, it was much worse as he did not receive any of his vacation pay (6 weeks) upon his retirement. He ended up getting a full weeks' vacation pay for his grievance.

    The sad part is that he and his wife had sent out bills based upon getting those vacation checks and they had to do a lot of scrambling. I pay my bills online so it was much easier for me to move things around but it was still work that neither of us should have had to do if UPS had simply taken care of their part of the bargain.
  7. Bubblehead

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    The new practice of getting the vacation check two weeks prior started with this latest contract.
    It is my understanding it is done to give the company some extra time to rectify a discrepancies before the actual vacation week.
    Really it's a pretty good idea.
    If you aren't made whole by the last day before your vacation, absolutely file for penalty pay.