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  1. Prototype

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    So my start date is around november. Does that mean i can only select vacation after then? I know not during peak.

    So 2019 november is my year mark. After then when we do vacation selection in january when can i choose to go on vacation?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Was you hired in as a seasonal in November?
  3. Prototype

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    No i was not hired as a seasonal. Iv done my 70 days
  4. That November date doesn't count then.
  5. Prototype

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    On a side note i already selected vacation for 2020 when i do hit my year mark. But im curious when selection roles around again do i only have the 2 months to choose from or the whole year? Granted its available
  6. Prototype

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    What do you mean?

    Im part of the western region

    As in my new date is when my 70 day ended?
  7. Seasonal time doesn't count.
  8. JustDeliverIt

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    You have to be done with your qualifying period before the free period (Nov 15 on). If you did not fully complete it by then, it was basically frozen until January and then resumed. So your first year actually wouldn't be until some point in 2019.
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    clear as mud---
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    Ask someone you work with
  11. BiggieBrown

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    I started in July of 2018.
    Some guy at the hub was telling me you get screwed on vacation if you start after May, but I never got to hear his explanation because we got screamed at by the sup for talking.
    Anyone knows what he was going to say?
  12. UnconTROLLed

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    after 1 year you get 20 hrs. vacation time and you can schedule a week off, until the next May where you select one more. Assuming your vacation picks begin May 1st. You don't get screwed, you just not pick with everyone else in March or April. At your two year anniversary you pick again making it two weeks for 2020
  13. eats packages

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    Western PT do not have a free period, seniority goes back to date of hire. I know this forum does not have a lot of western PTers around here.
    Selection is based on a calendar year and your start date determines accrual. Generally the weeks selected = accrued weeks unless you are frontloading past your seniority date, those weeks would be taken from next year's accrual.
  14. JustDeliverIt

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    I stand corrected. Sorry for posting incorrect info. Guess that's why it's best to ask someone in your local instead of a message board.