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    Hey all...I was wondering if anyone knew the vacation schedule for those of us hired under the 1997 contract in the Central States Region. I can't find any links on the net or threads here on Brown that tells me this and I certainly don't have my union handbook way back from when I was hired! I appreciate any help anyone has to offer.

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    Thanks Jon, but that link only has the current, 2008 Central Region rider, I am looking for the Central Region rider for the contract that covers 1997-2002. I don't know how it is run in other regions, but in the CS, the amount of vacation one is entitled to and the timeline is deifferent under each contract (to my understanding).

    For example, under the 2008 CS rider, one has to work 8 years before getting 3 weeks vacation; I have been getting three weeks since my 3rd or 4th year. This is what I am looking for, the amount and timeline for those hired in the CS under the 1997 contract. I cannot find any links anywhere for that and I don't have my handbook from back then as I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be working here after 10 years!!!
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    AS I RECALL UP HERE IN NY ......1=1 , 3=2 5YRS = 3 weeks ,
    you dont get that 4th WEEK UNTIL 15 YEARS.....