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    i got hired in AUG 2018 as a PT package handler. Drove all peak season. After peak reported to reload in January. Worked re load. And drove as a cover driver when they needed me. Got full time in August this year. As a 22.4. They’re telling me I don’t have a vacation. For next year (2020) and that I was hired on as seasonal. Any help or suggestions would be nice
  2. Sounds like to get your steward involved.

    You should have a seniority list showing posted showing your seniority date
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    I did. He said I was hired as seasonal last August which is incorrect. Also my seniority date is listed as August 23rd 2019. Which is when I went FT
  4. Did you pay union dues before August?

    Do you have health insurance through the company?
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    Lol yes
  6. It doesn't make any sense . Somebody has you in the system the wrong way then
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    Yeah.. this is driving me crazy
  8. And have you worked all year long this year?
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    Besides 4 days I was out with a non work related injury
  10. You got to find out when your seniority date is. Your steward should have a copy and if he doesn't the union hall definitely has it.

    You may have been a seasonal in 2018 and haven't worked a full year yet to qualify for a vacation.
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    Hypothetically if I was seasonal.
    i have my inegrad paperwork from back in September (2018) if that helps. And my PT hire paperwork.
  12. Bring that all in with you to work and get your steward involved. That's the best answer I can give you.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the help
  14. Maybe someone else will have some different ideas and might be able to give you some more guidance.
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    You were PT until August and are now FT. You would have gotten a PT vacation next year, but you are now FT, but have not worked enough hours to qualify for a vacation. You should get vacation after August 23, 2020.
  16. It must be a supplement issues.
    Because here you would get the vacation but it would be paid at your part time hours and part time rate.
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    What supplement are you under?
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    I don't think he worked long enough as a PT to acquire any vacation time. Then when he went FT he started over.
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    Like said above it’s normal for you to not have any vacation available now. You should have been paid out on your PT vacation accumulated (if any) after you went full time. Then you have to wait an entire year after your full time seniority date to accumulate your action days back. All seems normal to me.
  20. barnyard

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    Here, you get a check.