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    Ok guys , i will keep it calm this time , i was over heated other day . I would like to know , This year i had only 30 or so hours of vacation time , I was suppose to get 40, like the year before.I was told b/c i missed (x) amount of days . Now i know for a fact that most were sick days i called in .Maybe 3 or 4 were due to other job (working over time on other job).

    I have archived and recorded(phone calls i made) every single time i called in . And to top it off, serval times i called in sick i wasnt paid for sick day.Now when i called in on those sick days , serval of them i left message on there answering machine(because no one picked up phone).

    My question is why i did not get paid for those 40 Vacation hours, like last year?
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    You have to report for work a certain amount of hours(days) to qualify for the full vacation time. Anytime you call in sick or because you had to stay at your other job takes away from your number of reports. Read your contract or talk to your union steward or BA.
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    Before aug 1 you didnt get paid till the 3rd day of sick time.

    thank you for being calmer but....

    you seem kind of you tape all of your phone calls? in some states its an invasion of privacy to record ones phone call
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    It`s not illegal to record a call but,depending on the state,it has to be done with the knowledge of one or both parties.
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    Stop calling in sick, you're not that sick.
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    Bro I have every right to use a sick day , Im smart, i choose to carry over my sick days ,every year , Even if im not sick , My kids might be or i have other things to do.......

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    I am confused--I thought you told us that you were under a UPS contract. If so, how are you able to carry any days over to the following year? We have to use all of our days or we will get paid for those we do not take. Vacations are use or lose.
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    Sick days build up. In my area we get 40 hours a year of sick days and if you do not use them they build up to 400 hours then after that they cash out your sick days.
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    Very few know this that one has to tell mgt by April first if you do not want to be paid for unused sick time, in order to carry them over.
    Unfortunately to date i have used all mine this year.
    Five years ago when I switched between buildings I took a vacation week as scheduled yet was never paid, I grieved it but payroll never corrected their error.
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    Thank you for the info. I was always under the impression we had to use them or get paid for them but could not carry them over.
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    in my supplement they just automatically carry over. We don't get cashed out until we have 400 hours banked.
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    we use them or lose them here. we get sick days in our option but other than that we do not accrue any hours/days. and like i said if we do not use them then they pay the time usually the second week in december (i think that is when) . we have to have 156 reports to earn all of our vacations for the following year.