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    Hello All... Trying to get some vacation ideas for this summer. I am not planning on flying anywhere, but would like to take a roadtrip. I would be traveling with the family, all teenagers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I have two weeks in July and two weeks in August.
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    Head northwest thru Pennsylvania's northern tier along Route 6. There's Pa.'s Grand Canyon, what's left of the Kinzua Railroad Bridge, the elk herd in Elk County(best seen at dawn or closer to sunset). Then go up to the Finger Lakes of New York, check out Niagara Falls(take your passports if you want to go into Canada), go west to Erie to check out Presque Isle(Pa.'s shore) and finally on to Cleveland for the Rock & Roll hall of Fame!

    This could easily take a week if you remember that you are on vacation!
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    Rent a cabin on a lake in northern WI, MN or MI. If you do your research right you can end up on a clean, clear freshwater lake with a beach and dock. Many rentals even have a boat included.
    Your days would be filled with water skiing, fishing laying in the sun and then head into town for dinner or fire up the grill.

    We are always on the go. My idea of a vacation is going somewhere and staying for 10 days with no agenda.

    I would start my search in Hayward Wisconsin. I used to live there. PM me if you need connections.

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    This sounds really nice...thanks for the info. I will look into it.
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    Another 60 miles west and you get some of the greatest roller coasters on the planet. Cedar Point
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    I think Hayward has like 17 bars in a 3 block area-----Its a GREAT place to vacation. For quite a few years a bunch of us guys would go there every year for the Wisconsin fishing opener. They tell me I had a great time.:wink2:
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    Last year I flew to "Bean town" Boston with the family (3 HS/College age kids).....everything accessible by train...great food (north district), nightlife, scenery, tours, history and of course Fenway Park, after 3/4 days in the city, rented a car and got a hotel on the beach in cape cod.....we had a blast...also wanted to check out the Maine Lobster fest but our dates didn't coinside....Nice roadtrip if your from Jersey.... one of these years I will plan a motorcycle trip thru New England in the summer....
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    You may be thinking of Hurley MI just across the border from WI.
    Hayward may have been more of a drinking town years ago, but now it is mostly family lake homes and resorts. There are 2 great micro breweries in Hayward. The one, The Angry Minnow, has awesome food. Also the original Famouse Daves BBQ restaurant is located outside of Hayward in a log lodge on Round Lake.
    Ok I am sounding like a representative from the Hayward tourism board. :)
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    take a roadtrip to Cedar Point in Ohio. Home of hte Roller Coaster. perfect place for a bunch of teenagers.
  10. rod

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    No- it was Hayward---------that much I remember.

    My brother-in-law worked for Famous Dave as his personal accountant.
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    And just a few miles down the road, in Canton, is the football hall of Fame. And a few miles south of there is Amish country. Good food and lots of tourist type shops in Berlin. But more interesting to me is when you get off the beaten path in that area. Then you could always hit Gettysburg on your way back for a little history lesson.
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    Small world. My families small business sold Dave's 20+ picnic tables for their patio by the lake.