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  1. hdtvtechno

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    i have about 10 hours of vacation time right now

    does it get taken away at some point or can i let leave it alone and let it accumulate more time and take vacation later

    im getting mixed answers on this
  2. quadro

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    Can we assume that you are an Express hourly employee? If so, if you accumulated those 10 hours last year (i.e. prior to June 1, 2010), then you have until 5/31/11 to use them. However, having said that, you really need to check with your manager as there might be other factors that you need to consider. For example, have you ever been a salaried employee at Express? If so, your vacation accrues differently even though you might now be an hourly employee.
  3. hdtvtechno

    hdtvtechno New Member

    FYI Fedex Ground package handler
  4. FedExer267

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    what contractor do you work for we dont get paid vacation must be nice. That would be money out of his pocket nevermind we bust are butts all year long. You are fortunate to get paid vacation.
  5. starglacier

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    10 hours equal one day at my terminal. It's a start :)
  6. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    You guys need one too but you're obviously getting screwed by whoever owns the routes and Fred. This whole "independent contractor" crap is nothing but a sham.
  7. hdtvtechno

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    Mine would be 3 or 4 days :)
  8. FedExer267

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    Id have to agree you cannot do break backing work all year long without a rest. I mean we get the occasional holiday but still dont get paid for that. It would be nice if the contractor could show some gratitude with the work we do with a paid vacation. Thats truly the problem when a billion dollar company puts the cost of its business off on someone else and pays them so little they cant afford those kind of benefits to their employees.
    Aleast I used to get a discount on my cell phone and at Kinkos but with the new badge it is clear to everyone that ( The holder of this badge is an independent contractor or the employee of an independent contractor to fed ex ground. The holder is not a employee of fed ex ground.) So bye bye discounts. This is only going to shoot Fedex in the foot. Hard working people want to send their parcels with happy employees not people who are not employees of the company what assurance does that give them that their package wont be stolen or make it there in one piece. If fed ex cant hold these drivers responsible because they are not employees why would they want to ship with them.
    This is just a temporary job for alot of us once when we are gone how are these contractors gonna find quality drivers. Their not. Fed Ex sends us in for random drug testing, we have to pass their back ground check, we have to pass their driving test, and if their is a problem they call us not our contractors and threaten our jobs but yet we are not their employees. If they dont like us they will push a contractor and use scare tactics to get him to fire us after all they dont have to pay the unemployment. I have seen this happen it is truly sad and pathetic that a billion dollar company does business this way.
    On a side note since recieving my new badge I have had a few customers tell me they will not use us anymore because they had no clue how we were treated. One of my biggest pick ups is switching to ups which I was told by the reciever its nothing personal but if their company is paying for a service thru fed ex they want to deal with employees not third parties to which I just chuckle and say I dont blame you.
    Yes it is a sham if we have to work just as hard as UPS and Express dont we deserve better pay, overtime, paid holidays, paid vacations, health benefits, and some sort of retirement. It truly suprises me how many people dont have a clue to how fed ex ground is operated. Maybe time for a book Fedex Ground the untold truth !!!
  9. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    267 have you ever contemplated transferring to Express?
  10. FedExer267

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    Bbsam why would I do that.. Go to Express which has a hiring freeze in place to work as a part timer, So they can screw me out of benefits and screw the other couriers out of full time positions. I have heard from the Express guy that one full timer retires they replace him with 2 part timers why do they do this. To insure they arent paying for benefits and keep pay as low as possible. Like I said it is sad a billion dollar company resorts to this.
    Fed Ex spent what 21 million dollars on trying to keep their special deal. Take into consideration all the sporting events and Nascar races they sponsor which cost money. Ground contractors loose their bonus when there is a complaint, get charged a fee for late pickups so tell me where does that money go ... Into Freds pocket thats where. They make being a contractor sound so good however we all know they set it up this way to make more money free and clear and screw the little guy. They have this model so you dont make money and if you do kudos to you however the average contractor has drivers who dont care so they loose some money is that fair if your suppose to be running your own business? Would Mcdonalds penalize itself for giving out a big mac instead of a quarter pounder. No they wouldnt. They make it impossible for you to run your business because they want it ran like FedEx not like Bbsams trucking. FedEx has put the cost of doing business on the backs of the contractor meanwhile they make boat loads of cash. You pay to run their business which in return they control your drivers and want it ran the FedEx way and you get screwed out of your bonuses for complaints like your drivers truck is to loud.
    So bbsam where does that money go it obviously dosent guy to the guys and gals at Express. We definately know it dosent go to ground drivers. Yes Fred Smith made a investment in a company operation but he needs to remember who made FedEx what it is today. The hard working men and women who deliver the goods driving in a FedEx marked truck and wearing their uniform, it was not the people who sit in a air conditioned office all day trying to improve their putting game so they can leave early and go play golf at their country clubs.
    Another ruling in our favor saying we are indeed employees enjoy it why you can because it will end soon enough when we get recognized as employees. Dont think for a minute that even your favorite driver wouldnt want more. It comes down to you or me I choose me for better pay for doing back breaking work that it is obvious many contractors dont recognize and reward for. This scam known as ground will end and you will have to dust off your boots and get back on the road. 267 out!!!!:wink2:
  11. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    So that's a no. Ok.
  12. FedEx2000

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    267, there is no hiring freeze at fact my station just got approved to hire 2 FT and 5 PT couriers, with another FTer in the pipeline. And no, the PT positions aren't to replace 2 or 3 FTers, they are for FO routes and pickup routes. Also, PT employees get full benefits after 90 days, only difference from FTers is the disability. Not sure where you are getting your Express info from, but I would suggest a new source......this one is bad. (Hiring freezes usually take place in the spring when everyone is trying to make budget for the year, even then positions will be approved if you can show the need for them, June 1st was the start of the new fiscal year=no freeze)
  13. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    From the sounds of it he's getting his Express info from MrFedEx.:wink2: