Vandergriff/Kevin Harvick Racing Explore Team Alliance 2nd TFer


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I caught the tail end of the interview last night during the ESPN NHRA broadcast from Vegas. Bob covered some of the details and video showed Kevin and Delana Harvick with Bob at the drags. Rumors inside the NASCAR world have UPS exploring it's future options and RCR has been one Team in the UPS rumor mix. Now this presence with Harvick and a 2nd TF team prove all the more interesting to the rumor mill. It'll be an interesting wait and see for sure.


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This is the last year for AT&T on Jeff Burton's 31. I can see UPS wanting Jeff Burton to be their driver! Harvick owning a Drag team makes sense too.


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I did my part for UPS Racing. Vandergriff had some pit equipment powdercated by one of my shippers. I let them match my brown shorts to their color chart to come up with a match for UPS Brown.:happy2: