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    :confused2:I'm getting so tired of posting these things but I have no other form of help aside from my union stewarts who provide little to none. I've been having major issues with UPS since I started 3 years ago and I'm suprised i've lasted this long.
    [description on sort; 9 guys, 2 extra folks, new 21 year old sup, very small facility]


    (I need to find out if there is and article besides prefered jobs)
    I started out as everyone in the trailer unloading preload and they moved me to spa which I found super comfortable and have been there ever since until 3 months back. They started moving us around every single day due to 1 worker whom I believe is over 50 years of age. He claims his arm and back started to hurt (no doc visit) As soon as he started doing this other job he claimed his shoulder started to hurt so he started to try and do the job I have been doing for 2 years straight( he's horrible at it). I know these jobs are not set jobs but my point is I've yet to see them move a loader around at all. They Don't see the reason.. I don't see the reason. I have to think there is some descrimination going on for when someone else says i don't want to do this job or if our older guys state they don't want to do something our sup gets soft and never deals with it.


    (SUP caught in the act)
    I have private investigating experience and license under my belt and I've used it in the UPS facility to catch my Sup(s) working. I've yet to catch them all in the act but Everyone has seen them all simultaneously working for well over 30 min to and hour in the past. I recently caught 2 vids of my sup splitting our belt after he has been told to not touch 1 single thing. I will continue to sureveillance UPS because i am sick and tired of them inforcing rules on us when it is management getting away with everything. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH UPS!


    ( sent home for prefering to not do as instructed )

    I came into work today and Was immediately told to load someones truck because a preloader did not want to So off the bat I jumped to no i'd rather unload the trailer. Then went right to I would prefer to unload twice after the broken record "no, do as i say" the sup went right to just go home. Not work or go home..Just go home. He sent me home so there is nothing on me aside from preferring to not do as directed. I never said No and thats statements where no i prefer or would rather( I tried to reason for there where plenty of people there today under my seniorty and whome load a lot better) He stated He did not care. I've already gone through this exact issue with our last sup who was 18 at the time.


    (people working on break)

    Our sup is claiming he has no power over anyone who comes in early or works on break..they can if they want to. I've been told no1 is allowed to due to not being on the clock if they where injured in the building that would look very bad. I'm unsure what article i could find that under.


    (Dangerous trailers)

    I'm sure many are aware of trailers loading like nothing you have ever seen. We have been getting trailers so bad our sup has to take pics of it because walls fall on employees all the time. it is a matter of time before there is a law suit and someone looses there head. I've been taking my own pictures. I'm a pretty tough kid but from what i've been around these trailers will have falling tires from a top load. I've even been hit in the head a few times. If it happens again what can I do? I've thought of a grievance but since i'm told to revolve jobs as described in (#1) I must do it or else my sup will do what sups do. Write me up. Our safety guy does nothing.

    AT THIS TIME I don't really care for the negative comments and get over it replies. I'm looking for articles I can present to the sups in my defense. I want to end there little movement of micro management and get things back to how it was when I first started. Please contact me if there are any further questions thanks a lot guys I appreciate any help I can get! have a good 1.
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    The best thing is to get all your part time workers to work together. Maybe seek being the acting part time stewart. If you work alone on pinks you are an easy target. If you all file together along with your pictures you are strong. As a driver our center has filed 25 over 9.5's in 2 weeks. Management said we want no more over 9.5 as of yesterday morning. Pick battles don't create head aches. Think
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    thanks so much. I've tried to rally my guys up ..1 day there for it the next day they don't care. I will speak with a few 2maro. thanks again!
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    You should post the video of your Sup working on YouTube! Keep taking photos of people and trailers too. When you're canned, consider going back to school.
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    I will. I just printed all images of him out and will be showing my union stewart the videos as well first thing in the morning. I wont be fired because I'll never sign a single thing they give me. plus i was told to go home not on my own choice i was trying to work it out with him. We had plenty of workers and they load waay more than I ever have. He has been trying to entrap me for a while..He won't get the best of me with all the ammo they gave me. odd thing is that our main boss loves me..he's always trying to make me stay there due to my scanning abilities..very fast on a high speed conveyor(of course no 1 is irreplacable). Its just this sup got on his high horse and he likes it up there.
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    Doesn't matter if you have video or pics just file, every single day file on this crap. Was the other loader sent home for not wanting to load? And yes you were refusing to work as directed by not wanting to load the trucks. Call your local and tell them you need a BA to visit the sort and let them know the situation. No one is to work early or on breaks...if it continues MGT will expect it and encourage it. Check your version of contract on the prefered inside jobs to see if you grieve or request to be moved back to where ever you prefer. Dangerous trailers?? You do realize that the stuff moves around while in transit yeah? Oh and by the way...if you get hit by a falling wall of pkgs you failed methods of keeping your eyes ahead of your work here's your warning letter.
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    Unfortunately for you, I dont have anything positive that will help you, however, I will point out some things you may want to CEASE as they will cause your IMMEDIATE discharge.

    First, as for your sups working, the only answer is to file an immediate grievance with the company. Nothing more, nothing less. No need to approach anyone or try to prevent it from happening. Let the process work itself out. MOREOVER, do not video ANYTHING inside the building.

    All images are PROPRIETARY and you are not allowed to capture images on property. This will result in your IMMEDIATE discharge. You may believe you are simply memorializing an event, and you may be right, however, the company will discharge you for captured images on private property.

    You must take this seriously. Someone suggested you post it on youtube, this will not only assure you are fired, but it could lead to you being sued for damages.

    Your time on property as magnum PI isnt going to help you.

    When you were sent home, you did in fact fail to work as directed. Regardless of what you said at the time, the fact remains that you went home. You should always just work like they instruct then grieve if your seniority is violated or you are placed out of classification.

    As far as people working off the clock, as long as you have seniority over those working off the clock, simply file a grievance for the time. You will be paid for the time worked.

    The contract is clear, no one is to work off the clock for any reason, its also a part of all state laws.

    One thing you must understand is that there is no "instant justice" at all hubs and representation may be weak in some locals.

    In my local, our current BA is as weak as a used tea bag and "I" as a former executive officer fix all the problems at my hub when employees come for advice.

    Help comes with respect, and if your BA is weak or simply comes into your hub yelling and screaming, then you can expect no help.

    You have to use the process at hand without compromising yourself in the process.

    I am concerned that you dont understand you are NOT allowed to capture video or photos of UPS equiptment, property and Supervisors. There are also state laws you may be violating for video taping without permission from the very people you are filming.

    As one poster said, you have to pick your battle carefully, you are biting off more than you could possibly chew. You alone will change nothing, you and the entire crew will make a difference.

    Your "main boss" may like you, however, when push comes to shove, he will back his sups and you will be shown the door.

    I hope this helps you.

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    (1) just file grievances for sups working. Do not question anything, do not talk to them, do not ask them anything (other than their name - however a little investingating amongst hourlies you can get their name) . Just write down the hours they work. Everytime you see a sup work, it is a new grievance. Goto the union hall and request a stack of grievances. Turn them into your steward on Friday or the end of the week, and GET ALL COPIES OF THE GRIEVANCES.

    (2) you have no "right" to your job. Because the older guy did not see a doctor does NOT mean there is not an injury. Age and physical condition ARE in the contract, as points for respect and dignity in Article 37. WOrk as directed

    (3) If YOU did not refuse to work when told to load the trucks, file a grievance for punching in and being forced to go home.
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    Other Side:

    Why did you give it away? The mentality being displayed by spamgraw will haunt him for a long, long time.
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    Re: #4
    All employees covered by this Agreement shall be paid for all time spent in service of the Employer. Rates of pay provided for by this Agreement shall be minimums. Time shall be computed from the time that the employee is ordered to report for work and registers in and until the employee is effectively released from duty. All time lost due to delays as a result of overloads or certificate violations involving federal, state or city regulations, which occur through no fault of the driver, shall be paid for by the Employer.

    The Employer will not allow employees to work prior to their start time without appropriate compensation.
    - - - - - - -

    Re: #5
    The Employer and the Union agree that the safety of the employees and the general public is of utmost importance.

    The Employer and the Union have developed the following Sections and Subsections of this Agreement to respond to that mutual concern for safety. The contract language responds to a variety of areas related to safety, health, ergonomics, climatic conditions as well as federal, state and local laws dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace.
    . . .
    Section 1. Employees’ Rights - Equipment, Vehicles and Conditions
    . . .
    Under no circumstances will an employee be required or assigned to engage in any activity involving dangerous conditions of work . . .
    - - - - - - -

    As a licensed P.I. you must know the laws regarding video and audio tapeing vary from state to state. What are the rules in your state? Can you record on UPS property? Can you publish the recording?

    Remember, at the very least, if UPS is paying you to work, you can't be doing other things, if they detract from your work.
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    When you see a sup working it's only fair to ask them if they have another hourly to do the work. It gives them the heads-up that someone is not happy about it and often, in my center, they get an hourly and avoid a grievane.

    Cameras are not allowed. Period. Put the thing away.

    No matter what, you are a preload employee. They can put you wherever they want as long as they give you premium pay if you are doing the more skilled work.

    Breaktime is on the clock. You do have the right to the work if you have the seniority but you have to ask them for it. If they refuse, grieve.

    Life doesn't always seem fair. Learn that right now. Don't play Sherlock Holmes at work. Do the job rather than take pictures and start fires.
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    I'm fully aware but saying no to loading a truck is taking it out of context if they want to get technical. I stated "no I'd preffer to do ething else" (which I've been doing for years) Obviously there is a double standard here if someone else did not fill in that position..I told him i have seniority over a person and he said i do not care..wrong! And that is where I got them today when I spoke with my stewart. Filed a grievance for my 3.5 hours by being sent home. WINNING!
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    Asking wont do anything especially our hub. in this life you have to inforce and stand up for yourself. There is no rule for cameras or anything and if that is so they can sue me. i'd be happy to set a full investigation on our hub and its ways. No one said life is fair i've learned it. Any monkey can pull off this job..its too simple of a job to go in every morning and get headaches from the corrupt people who infest this company. I'm not starting a fire i'm turning up the heat! if they cant handle it get out the kitchen can you dig it? I no longer care about anyones feelings..UPS isnt about feelings you should know this by now.
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    I'm not doing other things..I set the device down and let it record whatever it wants. I execute my job perfectly every single day.
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    Thanks. i'll take my chances with the video. 1 thing UPS does not realize is i don't care anymore. I have resources and things to fall back on. I filed my grievance today for my 3.5 hrs being sent home after my boss lied infront of my stewart after we had just talked stating he heard I was told to go home..but when we talked with the steward he LIED and said he was given the option to go home and he left..I WAS LIKE WHHHAAAAT? I knew i should of audio recorded our talk I was really close too. I told him before hand i will wait for the STEWART and then said o well i'll just tell him my issues..nothing more. WHAT A FAKE PERSON!
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    I'm naturally very fast. but its not like i'm holding the camera and doing the work at the same time. I just set the camera up like any case i've done.
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    dont take pictures or videos period.file on sups working but dont make a spectacle out of it.wording is everthing at ups dont refuse to do anything but there is nothing wrong with saying i would rather not, but in order for it to be refusing to follow instructions they must use the words "i am instructing".if you are trying to prove a point or something you should probably stop,this is not a crusade,its a job.just my opinion.
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    I'm thinking maybe he should get a security position at UPS. Sniff out the thieves, liars and other stinkpots. He'd stay very busy, make great brownie points and prove himself to be the private eye he seems to be.
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    Your supervisor preferred to not follow the contract.

    You preferred to not work as directed.

    Both are wrong and should be dealt with.

    The first case can lead to a payment through a grievance, the second can lead to a payment through unemployment insurance.
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    Loading 5 trucks and being written up for turning belt off(not working as directed), stressed to the max because of horrible dispatch,extreme repetitive use of upper extremities by preload, trucks packed to gills so you can't even reach first stop, ect., ect., ect.
    What part of the job isn't unsafe anymore?