veterans day.......


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just wanted to pass along a "salute" perhaps an old cav "HOOOOOHA" to my fellow vets, past, present and future........ no one will ever understand the sacrifices made........ALLONS.....


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I salute all those who serve now and past. Even when I was a kid I was taught to have the respect. I had a brother who served in Vietnam, and a son in the military presently. And Uncles in World war 2, It is because of them we live the lives we do, and I will always praise them on veterans day, and every day.


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I would just like to say thank you to all veterans. Your sacrifices have allowed me to live freely in this great country of ours, and for that I am truly grateful. God bless.


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Do you fine folks in the U.S. of A. get the Monday off for Veterans Day? We here in Alberta Canada get nothing for our Rememberance Day . Peeves me off to no end as in this day and time, and the goings on of war lately, we should be taking a day to remember.