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  1. Can we video record driver release stops on our phones to prove we delivered to proper location as long as we don't video the customer? I have customers that say I didn't bag when i did and say I deliver to wrong location when I don't.
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    The dish records the delivery location so ups knows you did.
  3. GPS can be manipulated by management just like everything else.
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    Why, because a customer is giving you a hard time. Have a sup come out with you and dr it to correct location. Then the customer will complain and you will have a sup back you. That's my best possible answer for you video recording will not do anything other then waste time in which they will say you stole time by using your phone.
  5. The diad has a camera in it. :We aren't supposed to take pics of people's properties without their permission" was the excuse I was told for not using the camera in the diad.

    Ive seen the delivery shot of where I left a pkg and it is right on.
    Do not stop complete the DR until you are at the point where it leaves your hand.
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    I aim the camera at my junk when I stop complete.
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  7. Sissy Brown Short Shorts

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    I started doing that this summer with all the rain we had when I would DR TVs to show that it wasn’t raining at the time of delivery. I don’t feel like paying off someone else’s tv because they’re too cheap to put an awning over their door.
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    I remember something in the training about us drivers being financially liable for a bad driver release, but ive never heard of a driver having to pay out because of that.
  9. PappyLand

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    I always complete the stop at point of delivery. so when I get follow ups they call the customers and tell them to get a police report if they can’t find their package.
  10. Indecisi0n

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    You're paid yo get it out of sight out of weather runner.
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    I wasn't aware the camera even worked
  12. Itll work when they want it to.
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    Yeah they can take a percentage of your paycheck if you’re found liable. My buddy had to pay off a 300$ camera that the
    out of sight out of weather? You must be an old timer. I’ve never heard those words out of a managers mouth only drivers with hunchbacks and bionic knees.
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    Apparently you don't know how to properly do your job.
  15. Us seasoned drivers aren't on here crying about having to pay for bad dr's either.
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    What do I look like, Blibo Baggins?