View Annual Financial Reports: Teamsters Locals, Joint Councils, IBT online

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    Oh, joy!!! The 2009 Annual Financial Reports for all Teamsters Locals are being posted, or will be soon, on the Dept. of Labor's website.

    Go here . . .

    From the Drop-Down List of the UNION NAME field select IBT-TEAMSTERS.
    Leave everything else blank.
    Hit the SUBMIT button.

    This will generate a long clickable table of all 532 Teamsters Locals, Joint Councils, and Conferences. The IBT itself is listed at the bottom.

    You can click on the Column Headings to sort the list by Total Membership, Total Assets etc.

    Individual financial reports are available from 2000 to the present by clicking on your Local. All free. At your fingertips. Read 'em and weap.

    You could also select CTW-CHANGE TO WIN from the drop-down menu of the UNION NAME field. You do realise you are a dues-paying member of this Andy Stern lead organization, don't you?