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    Hi all,

    As yet not an employee of UPS, but fingers crossed soon i hope.

    Just a question regarding a "view day" which i have next week for a drivers position.

    I had a telephone interview, then my first interview, and now have been asked to attend a view day.

    Can anyone shed some light on what this day will consist of?


    Jay :peaceful:
  2. God Help Us!

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    As yet not an employee of UPS, but fingers crossed soon i hope.

    Do you now what you are letting yourself in for?

    A life of unbearable pressure, constant bullying by managment, and an endless stream of disciplinarys design to keep you in a postion where by the company can get rid of you at the drop of a hat!

    Everyone looks in from the outside and has an opinion that it's a great company to work for and the moneys good. But beware, the later may be true but it will be at the expense of your own sanity and health. Take a good look around when you get to a UPS package centre, walking heart attacks everywhere!

    As for your view day I bet they don't show you around on the pre load where you would see all the above for yourself. My understanding is that it's a taster to see if it's for you.

    If you do decide to take a job here's a few tips

    1. Keep a diary and record everything
    2. Never do anymore than you planed stops per car (The day you achieve more than this they will just put your stops per car up so by thinking that you have just helped them out your reward will be a shafting!)
    3. Follow the five seeing habits and safe working practices religiously
    4. Trust no one there is always someone willing to drop you in the proverbial just to try and get ahead. The person thats seems the most helpful is generaly the centre managers spy this person will also be identifiable by the fact that they always seem to be just milling around and doing cushy jobs.

    Anyway GOOD LUCK
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Had the view day where I spent the day at the depot and then out with a driver.
    Very handy to see what the job envolves...I found it a good way to see what goes on.
    Had the driving "test" that went well, just waiting refs to be checked now,

    I understand it can be a demanding have the jobs I have had before.
    So i do feel my eyes are wide open.....:)