violation of new dot requirments

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    So here's the deal, on Monday I took my lunch from 5:30 to 6:30 totally forgetting about the taking it before your 8 hrs. So this morning I wasn't in work, had my house closing, my manger called me up threatening me about me being fired. He knew I was buying a new home. My question is could I be fired for this? and can I grieve the way he handled it?
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    I wouldn't go throwing out a greivence just yet. They probably don't want a fine any more tha n you want to be fired. My guess is they will make it look like they a re doing u a huge favor and make it seem like you owe them one and say nothing to anyone about this. If they do take discipline then file your grievance
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    Agree its just a threat, but the fine is real. Do your job according to the law, you're a professional driver.
  4. over9five

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    PS, don't see how you can grieve being disciplined when it was YOU that broke the law.
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    I dont think the OP has to worry about termination, but in reality there isnt much the Union can do for someone knowingly breaking a DOT law. I would suggest going in with hat in hand and asking ,note I said ASKING for a chance to talk to the manager and stressing it won't happen again.
    Its only a matter of time before some :censored2: pays a big fine over this
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    Ultimately it's your fault, but UPS should be locking out the diad if the 30 minute break has not been taken by the 8 hour mark.
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    ​And, it will suck to be the first.
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    Go in, hat in hand, and give an honest mea-culpa. Tell them you're still working on remembering the new rules that went into effect 7/01 that are so much different than when mgmt approved of you skipping your lunch on 6/30.
  9. ajblakejr

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    Do as Cach suggests but leave out the line about management approving skipping lunch.
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    Voicemail was made for irritating Center Managers.
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    Was there "a DIAD rich" training module on this?
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    Ok did the driver make a mistake, yep... But amazingly enough no body seems to care that his job was threatened. I take every threat seriously, and if they do it once you file. If they do it twice you file. I promise you eventually they learn who will and will not listen to that garbage. In my case I like to ask who the last person they really fired was... Tends to end the conversation. In the end follow the rules, the new ones are iron clad and must be followed and if they wanted to write you up then they have that right.
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    How does someone forget to take their lunch?
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    If you take lunch at 5:30, how do you eat dinner? Stop and eat around noon like normal employees.
  15. Griff

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    Too busy worrying about upsetting a "manager" or too busy chasing the carrot referred to as bone-us (BONUS aka a scam).

    I no longer refer to "managers" or "supervisors" at this company without quotes because they are completely worthless, spineless, brainless and don't deserve a title of any form or kind. The worst pile of management I've laid eyes on in my entire time at the company. Stock is at an all-time high and the IQ requirements for management are at an all-time low -- Wall street in a nutshell.
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    Lets put it this way if everyone understood that not making all of your businesses is not your problem, not making pickups in time is not a drivers problem this would go alot smoother. Stop around 2pm when its the hottest take your full hour of lunch and this is never a problem. If you cant get all your commercial stops off, send a message and let management worry about it.
  17. TooTechie

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    Its so weird. I work in a major center, largest in my state and we still haven't heard a peep about this 30 min dot lunch rule. I asked an on-car again a couple days ago and he looked at me funny and said he hadn't heard anything about it.
  18. PT Car Washer

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    Some pickups start at 2:00 PM and run right up to 5:00. I agree it is not your problem. Hire more FT drivers and put in a couple new routes ? Never.
  19. nicky

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    Then lunch is between 1-2 every day
  20. PT Car Washer

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    Impossible with a truck you can not even walk through and all industrial stops at 1:00 PM. And here comes an air driver with the LIBs that would not fit. Have a lot of drivers looking at feeders right now.