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    anybody heard of or experienced virtual time studies in your center yet?if so how has it affected your time?if you have'nt heard of it yet it is coming to a center near
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    Yeah, they virtually tell you that you need to run a route that used to have 110 stops on it, but now has 130 stops, in less time than you used to do the 110 stops. Is this what you mean by virtual?:wink2:
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    Virtual Reality.

    That's like Fantasy, Make Believe, Fictional, Imaginary, Game-playing. Right?
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    Have you seen the UPS manager from Stewart, florida severely harrassing drivers on You Tube. He's a goner I assume. Cell phones with video are awesome.
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    I'm confused is the manager from a place called Stewart.
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    Give us the link......THIS I have got to see!

    Even this Stuart is misspelled, good grief.
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    yeah, that sounds about
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    Yes, link please!
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    Me thinks that Driveslaver may in fact be the offending supervisor.
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    We are supposed to get the new time study this summer. My supe thinks it will be a good thing. He says that the area he worked package car got a virtual time study and it worked in the driver's favor, big time. He seems to think it will work to our favor and take some of the dispatching pressure off.
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    HAHAHAHAHAhahhahhahahha!!! Must be his first day.
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    You would think, but I have been to a couple of other buildings and heard the same from the drivers.
  13. barnyard

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    My Friday dispatch is an example of how the averages worked against me with the current time study.

    I had a PAS/EDD prediction of 102 stops. My actual was 112 (courthouse counts as one stop, but there were 6 different delivery points). I had 10 air stops that were all at the edges of my delivery area. Picture a glove, I ran up the finger to deliver, then back down and up the next for the next stop. I broke trace at 940 and punched off my last NDA at 1020. At 1020, I had 14 stops off.

    In order to get me to 102, I received a cut from the route next door. Those 12 stops were in a rural area that were at the far edges of that delivery area, picture another glove. I figured 1.5-2 hours to pound those stops off.

    It was looking like I would not make the air shuttle, so I called the driver on the route on the other side of mine and he said he didn't think he would make it either.

    So, I called the driver where the cuts came from, he took 10. Called the other guy back and covered his 1st 2 pick ups (they like earlier pick ups on Friday.)

    The end result was we all worked a 10.5 day, instead of one 9ish hour day and 2 at close to 12. Still a long day, but it worked much better as the 3rd guy leaves the delivery area and would have had a 20ish mile deadhead to comeback for our NDA to make the shuttle.

    My boss seems to think that the GPS virtual time study would recognize the "glove" delivery days and dispatch accordingly. He thinks it would put out fires before they start.

    If it works like that, it makes sense to me.
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    The virtual timestudy will NOT fix the problem you mention. Sorry.

    Dispatch calculations assume that there is a good dispatch. You describe some "pocket" dispatching which will run up more miles than the calculations for dispatch expect.

    Your planned time on the timecard system will give you credit for the extra miles however.

    The way to fix the problem you mention is for them to fix trace and then dispatch using controlled dispatch principles.

  15. stevetheupsguy

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    My dispatch supe and center manager say the same thing, though they currently think the route is dispatched properly.:knockedout:

    It would be nice if it works out this way. I'm glad I don't deliver to please their numbers. If I did this I'd have to run my butt off at a very uncomfortable pace. Time will tell. Great detailed post, TB!
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    That WAS funny Grunt!!!

    We had one of them thar virtual time studies and every single one of our routes lost time and gained stops. What are the odds? You would think if they wanted us to believe some of the stuff they tell us, that at least some of the routes would have gained time, but no.

    The older I get, the odder UPS gets.
  18. DS

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    Does ups provide you with a cellphone?
    Could you have accomplished this sending text messages via the diad?
    You should've called the center from a customers phone and made it pretzelmans problem.
    Otherwise this will never be fixed.
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    I figured 1.5-2 hours to pound those stops off.

    For 12 stops?