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    so it looks like 2000$ per eye is the going price for lasik. i cover a route with a big place on it and can probably cut a deal for a few hundred off that. ups wise can i get insurance/vsp to pay any (i have the plain aetna). also do we have the tax-free medical account i could set up at the begging of the year?

    3k is just to much but if i can get it down to 1.5-2 i would like to do it!
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    I had it done 10 years ago. It was one of the best things I ever did. Who cares about price...its your EYES. I researched for a year looking for the best doctor I could find.
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    If it's not for medical reasons I don't think VSP will pay for it, I'm not sure but I don't think lasik surgery is covered by inusurance.
    I had to jump through hoops for insurance to cover a cornea transplant.
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    I was a part timer when I had it done. I paid 3,000 out of pocket. The rest was covered.
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    ****, it's only $300-$500 an eye here.
    And actually, it was just pointed out on 20/20 on Friday, how cheap they have gotten in the USA. You better do some research, you can get it for much cheaper.

    They brought that into comparison with healthcare... while that trippeld, laser went down 300%.
    Due, to the comptetion and people shopping around (free market), which is not the case in healthcare.
    People don't shop for healthcare in the states, because they don't care how much it'll cost... since insurance pays for it all.
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    there is 500$ per eye for discount budget etc.. but the total actual cost with pre/post op care is 1000. as stated above its my EYES and 2000 an eye is what a reputable doctor with the newest tech/equip charges.

    do we have the medical savings accounts available? at least that way i could use pre-tax $ so 2k pre tax is 2.5+ post tax...
  7. klein

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    my brother had them done 10 years ago, when it first came out. He hasn't worn any glasses since.
    It works well.
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    What about driviing at night, I've heard it's hard. I don't know anything about it, that's just what I've read and heard.
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    you get halo (rings around lights) but i have that with my glasses anyways! its just sweating and busting my butt its really uncomfortable to have glasses on all day... im just tired of it.
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    A buddy of mine stated he was going into the army and it's the reason he was doing it (he later did but he was BSing at the time). They docked $100 off each eye.
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    ya i cover a route that has a big lasik place on it 30,000 procedures. i havent talked to em yet but could probably get a discount or at least there best price. im wondering if any ups benies will help out.
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    Your first step should be to see if you are actually a candidate for the surgery. I had been contemplating having the surgery so asked at my last eye appt and was told that I was not a candidate as my vision is not that bad. I wear glasses (progressive no line bifocals) and don't care for contacts and thought it would be nice not to have to wear glasses anymore.

    As was stated earlier, these are your eyes that you are talking about--do you really want to be cheap when it comes to your eyes?

    VSP has a website that lists all of the benefits available to us. I don't have the URL but Google "VSP" and you should be all set.
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    anybody want to come over to my house and i will do it for 150 and
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    I was thinking along the lines of what upstate was thinking. Do you really want your work done by the lowest bidder? (what was one of the many jokes about the space program?- the astronauts must be brave to be involved with equipment whose parts were provided by the lowest bidders?_

    I wouldn't pay a king's ransom either, but what I would do is talk to as many people in your area who have had such work done and see if they are all happy with the work Who isn't happy? Who had problems ? Who didn't? Hopefully after that line of questioning, the happy people will all have gone to the same doctor and hence you can be confident in going to the same one.
  15. pickup

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    did you eventually see your unintentional pun? Show that covered vision correction is called 20/20 as in 20/20 vision, the goal of such treatment
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    ya guys the 2000$ per eye isnt lowball. the 1000$ per eye is the lowball guy with old equip. this place is a national chain and the specific office has 30,000 procedures.

    im not asking where to get the cheapest price, ive already found a reputable doctor with prices within the nat'l average. im trying to find out if i can use any benies to help pay for it.

    do we have a tax emempt medical savings account option? again the tax savings is about 25% off the top!
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    Wait for a coupon....have one eye done at full price and the second is half off !! Doug Herrernan did that for Carrie. :peaceful:
  18. klein

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    $490 per eye cdn dollars, about $450 US.

    Come visit, I have a place for you to stay.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    She got it done at Vision Village !! lol :happy-very:
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    Klein, not a bad idea. Take a couple of weeks vacation, visit beautiful Canada and get your eyes done. I might hit you up next spring for any new added details. Gotta love that exchange rate.