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    So far I've noticed at my hub the heaviest flow is Monday-weds, with thurs & fridays being relatively light days. I know peak season is generally Thanksgiving-Christmas, but what's it typically like leading up to Black Friday & than the few weeks after Christmas as well?
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    You never know. Depends on the whims of the consumer.
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    Volume is down, don't forget to turn in sales leads
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    I could use two volumes after this week.
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    Based on your past posts I assume you are talking about beer, not books.
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    I'm not as bad as you think bro. I'm just trying to make it like anyone else.
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    Fake it 'til you make it, my brother.
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    I'm trying I'm trying brother.
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    I guess it depends where you are located in the world. Here in Anchorage, our highest piece count day is usually Wednesday. Why? Many shippers automatically use 2DA as their standard level of shipping to Alaska. So everything that internet shoppers order on Friday afternoon/evening, all day Saturday and Sunday, and probably Monday morning all get picked, packed, and shipped on Monday to arrive Wednesday. The business deliveries don't change that much, but resiland blows up. All the splits are in.
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    Thats what she said......

    -sorry, i just couldn't resist