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    Recently our center was addressed by our district manager in which he stated that when he plans a meeting for his managers he always schedules an extra day so that they can go into the community and "volunteer". Is it really volunteering if you are getting paid from your job? How many hourly people have time to volunteer, let alone attend or help out at a child's event? This is the poll question on UPSERS.com this month-- My summer volunteer plans include:.. I wish we as drivers could schedule time after 5PM, off the clock, to volunteer in our communities. With 10+ hour planned days that makes that a little hard if not impossible.. I am not complaining, just making a point..
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    I've heard management [-]say[/-] rationalize that seeing we don't have time to volunteer, we should donate instead.
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    If the company makes it possible for a manager to volunteer time by allowing them time away from the job without having to use their vacation allowence or personal time, then it's not the manager who's giving. It's the company that's giving. They're donating labor in the form of that manager.

    So given that, the manager still needs to donate some money, or volunteer on their own time, lest they be a hypocrite when they suggest hourly workers donate money if they don't have the time.
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    what does any of this have to do with making money for the company to use in a meaningful way?

    can't he find something better to do with his time like schmoozing business-customers or telling Atlanta to leave Ops the **** alone?