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    We have all these posts about vote yes, vote no, pass, fail, percentages, etc. I'm not sure if this was handled already but whether you agree or disagree with the tentative agreement, What do you think the number of voters will be this contract versus last contract? Please leave all of your personal feelings aside.
  2. Just like any other election.................Not enough people give a crap!!!Even though their jobs and livelihood depend on it!!!!GO FIGURE!!!.....Go skip a lunch and get into an accident.then cry when you get fired!!!!!!
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    Undoubtedly, the number of votes cast will be higher than the past election. The poor economy / reductions in FT driving jobs has lead to a significantly more senior PT work force, which will lead to more PTers casting votes. The percentage of eligible PTers voting will probably be significantly higher, but still small, and not significant enough to sway the election. Where I'm at, most are worried about the changes to the insurance ... but few are returning their ballots. Two weeks ago I tried to spread the word during break, but many were upset that I interrupted their NBA finals-related conversations.
  4. Obamacare..29 1/2 hours fulltime.....UPS 55 hours a week partime??????REALLY!!!
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    Was kinda looking more along the lines of 60K, 70k, 80k. I'm thinking about 78k. Personal feelings aside.
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    last contract was over 70,000. this contract over 90,000 will vote.
  7. I think that number is kind of high...! .We have far too many guys who do not follow the contract!!! And even less that care!!All for (me) and crap on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just saying!!!
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    Per TDU, about 70,000 votes were cast in 2007. The contract passed by a margin of about 11,000.

    TDU has identified the following locals not likely to vote "yes" on this contract, and their respective 2007 votes in favor of the contract:
    89 (Louisville) 1664-760
    396 (Los Angeles) 1255-678
    623 (Philadelphia) 655-366

    The contracted enjoyed its strongest support in the South (winning by more than 7,000 votes), West (winning by more than 5,000 votes) and upper Midwest (e.g. Milwaukee, Minneapolis; it enjoyed 80-90% margins in these communities). I doubt the margin will change much in the South -- strong conservative, RTW, low cost of living. It'll probably shrink in the West & Midwest.

    Like I said earlier, we'll get more votes returned by PTers, and most will be overwhelmingly "no" (as others were in 2007). But I doubt there's enough "new" votes or persons switching votes to overcome the 11,000 margin.
  9. I am
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    93K and I think it's going to be much closer than most of us think it's going to be.
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    We might see a 30% to 50% (21,000 to 35,000) increase from last contract. I think it's going to be a no vote. I also think we will not see a 2:1 on this one. To many people are :censored2:. Will see if it helps.
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    If 100,000 people vote it will get turned down by a land slide.
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    That's an evil thought.
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    It a realistic thought!
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    TA will fail with 85k votes, but i have a question, if this gets rejected can we get a deal by July 31st?
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    Depends. If it fails what is it going to take to get the members to vote yes? My guess is that it would not be resolved by July 31 and we would continue to work under the current contact until we could get it resolved.
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    Less than 50% of the membership will vote, more than last contract but still not enough.
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    The Chicago way.... Vote early and vote often, that would be a no!