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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by subdivide, Sep 5, 2013.

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    It looks like we are getting a much better health care plan. It's awesome but our work is not done. If UPS made changes to improve the health care plan they can also make changes to other very important issues. Like 9.5 grievance procedures, no 4 year progression (leave it at 3), wording that spells out how to stop management harassment, better part time pay, reduce excessive overtime, protect feeder jobs, and create more full time jobs. If we are getting a better health care package, we can also:funny: get changes to these other issues. Keep up the good work IBT!
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    UPS had nothing to do with the enhanced HC.
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    I believe the union, which I am a steward for, sometimes get a little ahead of themselves. Unions, I believe, sometimes forget that it is about the employee not the union. The union is set up for the employee and ultimately the employee or union member should have the loudest voice in the organization. Voting no is letting the union know that we want to be heard and we are not happy with the contract. Keep up the good work and settle for nothing less than what you feel is fair.
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    well You need to understand that if the latest spread sheet excites you and you think its good.

    Then I suggest you to read article 34 of the UPS master agreement for 2013-2018

    You will be paying it either way.

    Vote No.....