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Time for change

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Absolutely no as long as existing part timers don’t get an extra bump or catch up similar to what new hires are getting, also the weekend for discount pay instead of premium pay is non starter. Raises not keeping up with inflation has to stop on this contract. This is worst possible contract I could have imagined in this economic and jobs climate. Shame on Taylor, Hoffa, and the IBT.

John Boy

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No. Hybrid pay rate, No catch up raises for PT, 9.5 requirements, Shotty raise, Telematics infractions (seatbelt, back first BS,etc), the list goes on. Has anyone heard about more vacation, option days, or what we got in return for Black Friday?


As luck would have it
One big change in language has to be: All OT offered on seniority basis. Every member should have no limits on income If you want it. So no if language doesn't change

Box Ox

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“as long as work is available“


Seriously. What the * is that even doing in there? How the * can you respect the crew that’s supposed to be representing your interests if language like that is in any way acceptable to them? That’s worse than the 22.4 creation itself.

But I doubt they take that line out, as doing so might undermine the exact intention the Company has for 22.4s, which is to take work from higher wage RPCDs.


I'm as productive as the methods allow.
Nationally, the average pay increase that companies are giving their employees is just about 3%.

Some of my sources can be found here: The Outlook for Pay Raises in 2017
and here: The Average Salary Raise Percentage

Our 1st year raise (70 cents) will only be a 1.93% pay increase. Absolutely unacceptable !!!
The following 4 years of pay increases will be: 2.03%, 2.12%, 2.33%, and 2.53%. Again, completely unacceptable!

UPS is a well off, growing, and very profitable company. Combine that with a very robust economy, and significant federal tax cuts, there is absolutely NO GOOD REASON that we should expect, and accept, nothing less than a $1.09 (3%) pay raise the 1st year along with 3% increases to that the remaining 4 years.

There are several other items that can, and will, cause me to vote NO on this proposed contract. But keeping it Real and Up-Front, I work to live. So, one of the 1st things I look at in a new contract proposal are the pay increases (my "living" wage) This one, in my opinion, completely misses even the minimal benchmark.

I will vote NO.


“They” are coming for us.
At first, I was iffy on the whole 22.4 thing. Tried to stay objective. But my final thought about it is this. What prevents this conglomeration from creating a 22.5 next contract? And 22.6 after that? Could start a snowball effect of lower wages passed down from contract to contract. @PT Car Washer has tried to explain this to us time and again. The two tier system has been in place for some already, this will just mainstream it. If the company needs more drivers, then they should hire more. If they need to staff the inside better, then maybe pay better. I’m voting no, and will be educating anyone who will listen in my hub to do the same.

Heavy Package

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Oh wait, we need to see and read the tentative agreement before we make up our minds. I think with UPS we know what to expect. Now go iron your shirts and shorts and realign your 1--year safe driving pin so you are ready for work tomorrow.

The contract is a big smelly turd. If that turd has work available. LMAO.