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    I had the honor of meeting hall last week,He held a QnA about the upcoming contract in2008,overnite, and organizing fedex,But the most interesting story was about 1997 when the company gave their last best and final offer.Ken said that management said take it or leave it,your teamsters are weak,your membership are fighting each other,and all of our ups teamsters would cross your picket lines to go to work!!!THANG GOD MANAGEMENT has never made the right decision in any expect of operating this company,and we held out and we got support from every union and stuck together to win.I myself would rather not live thru another strike at ups so lets show them we might be devided on the canidates hoffa or LEEDHAM,but we are teamsters and we voiced our choice!!!!VOTE!VOTE!VOTE!VOTE!
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    705Red, I had the honor of trying to get hall on the phone when our seniority was at jeopardy, and all I got was his arrogant secratary saying he wasnt available and that was two years ago and still have not heard one word from Him! I have had the honor of meeting Tom L and having dinner with him! I know first hand that he believes in the same things we beleive in! If my vote counts for anything hall will never negotiate another contract at UPS, as Hoffa said the best contract ever! If you beleive that, then vote for Hoffa who hall works for, if not then vote for a change, Tom L. However you vote, JUST VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    We all must vote, full timers and part timers. Every Teamster needs to ask themselves a few questions before they vote.#1 Am I happy with the pay raises? #2 Am I happy with the changes to the pension? #3 Am I happy with the medical benefit changes? #4 Am I happy with the recent long contracts? #5 Am I happy with the Life Insurance coverage? #6 Am I happy with the 9.5 and 8 hour rules? #7 Am I happy with the vacation and option days as they are now? #8 Do I feel management harassment is better or worse? #9 Am I happy with the speed and quality of the grievance process? #10 Are our jobs any safer now than they were before? Answer these and then vote for somebody. Either you are happy with the recent few years and contracts or you are not happy. And don't stop there, the elections are upon us as we speak.VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!
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    As Bravehart says whatever you are (happy with what you have now or want a change) vote, it is your right and responsibility for yourselves and your families. It is your right as a Union member to elect who you want to represent you! But just vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbup1:
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    that's right people just vote, take to heart the issues and vote for the best person or persons!!!!!! My vote will be for the APWA, as Braveheart says look at all the things you may like or not with what has happened in recent years. Do you like the pension cuts and insurance cuts???? I don't know anyone happy with that I certainly am not! If UPS made these cuts the teamsters would have led us out on strike, they would have made a bigger issue out of this than what they now are doing. It's time to stand up it's time to make a logical voting choice the APWA!!!!!
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    Mittam, I dont have a choice, I have 34 years with UPS and the APWA will not help anyone with any time vested with the pension fund! I respect Van and Danny for what they are trying to do but for a lot of UPS Teamsters the APWA is not a choice. Voting to elect a new President of the Teamsters is! WE HAVE TO TRY AND FIX WHAT WE HAVE FIRST! Vote for Tom L and let him have a chance to fix some of the problems we face!
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    My thinking is fixing all of the short falls by dumping teamsters. Remember we pay them so they can tell us when we retire, how much money they can give us ? How much they will charge for insurance . I pay them to tell me who i can work for after my time here at ups ? They decide how much of a raise they will receive and i bet their insurance is much better than ours ! If i freeze my pension and go work somewhere else i better not get vested with the new company or i may loose my existing pension ? All these things are what we should not have to worry about but instead it seems to be our ignema ! I really don`t have a hard time deciding who i want to represent me. Its definately not Hoffa nor Leedham because the fix does not incompass all the short falls of belonging to the teamsters. Nothing less than starting fresh to fix all the wrongs and be in a "UPS ONLY" pension !
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    You are so right. While I respect what the APWA is trying to do, even if they are successful, it will be years away. I am like you, just finished 31 years with the company, I will not benefit from a new Pension. I am sick of the Pension problems like everybody else. Some parts of the country are under better plans, the APWA will have a much tougher time convincing people to join them there. I say to all you APWA guys, vote for Leedham and get Hoffa out if you want some kind of change. He won't be able to perform miracles, but I agree with those who think we need to fix what we have got. Its voter apathy that gets us in this mess with Union and Political leaders.
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    Scratch-king, we both have experienced the pitfalls of UPS and the IBT! I had 4 years and 10 months in Pkg and the rest in Feeders. The APWA will not come up for certification for a while, and in the meantime vote for a change in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters! Vote for Tom L and give him a chance! Nothing is a magic fix, but I have met Tom face to face and know that he will take all our concerns to heart! He beleives in what we all beleive in, a Union that is controlled by it's members not by a bunch of money hungry people who only beleive in helping themselves. I have had 34 years to think this over and it is my only option! Vote for a Union that is controlled by its members for a change, vote Tom L, what do we have to lose?
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    I agree Mikey! I've met and campaigned with Tom L. This man is for real! He must be doing something right.Leedham has served at every level of Teamster leadership, including shop steward, local union representative, local union principal officer, Joint Council officer, IBT Warehouse Division Director and International Vice President.
    Vote The Tom L Slate
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    Anyone have the 1800 number to have sent a ballot if my original was lost????What date does that have to be in by??????????/
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    Rescue Lost Votes: Spread the Word About Replacement Ballots

    -Campaign HQ


    Many Teamsters have misplaced or discarded their ballot, or it got tossed with their junk mail. It's our job to make sure that Teamsters call, get a ballot and cast their vote.
    The Election Supervisor has started sending out replacement ballots. Teamsters can get a new ballot by calling 1-888-428-2006.

    Next, ask every Teamster you see if they've voted yet. When you find a member who doesn't have a ballot—or who isn't sure if they've got a ballot—tell them, "Take a second right now and get a ballot mailed to your home." Dial the number and hand them your phone. They order a ballot, and Leedham gets another vote.
    Central Region VP candidate Mark Huckelberry says this tactic is working well with UPS Teamsters in Louisville. "Instead of sending them home and hoping they dial the number on a flyer, I use my cell phone to hook them up with a ballot while it's fresh in their mind. When you take the time to help someone, they'll take the time to vote," Huckelberry said.
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    If someone is too stupid to even hang on to their ballot....are you sure you want them to vote?? :sad:
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    I can not imagine anyone casting a vote for Hoffa. I sent in my vote last week with a nice circle for the Leedham slate, however we have a meeting this weekend in Cincinnati for APWA and I can not wait to hear what they have to say.
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    no apwa here yet ,hoffa=the godfather
    so I`m voting Leedham:thumbup1:
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    They need to vote the APWA in and get whats coming to them.A real pension not a under funded pension:thumbup1:
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    I read about $1,000 reward -- something about the Cincinnatti meeting . Sounds funky. If there are just Van and Danny running Apwa, maybe they need some new blood in there? Whatcha say?!
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    Hoffa and his team are the best negotiators we've had in years! Any other candidate lacks the credentials and guts to take on UPS, or any other employer for that matter.
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    Best contract ever? Best inreases to pension and pay? I witnessed increases to RX costs from 20% to 25%, copay double from $10 to $20, from 100% paid to 80% with $1,000 out of pocket expenses before 100% covered again, From $100-$200 to $200-$400 deuctables for families, some benefits quietly eliminated and BCBS run our benefits like an HMO and deny payments and procedures. Our pension was hammered and our retires took a beating with skyrocketing premiums. There were no increases to the chart rates 4 years ago on our pension and now they are actually worse. The production standards and perfection standards harassment has reached all time highs. Best contract ever? I think not! If the contract is so great why have I witnessed like a dozen drivers quit in the last 4 years!