Wage Gap Between P/T and F/T

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    I thought the wage gap was going to be shortened in this new contract? You call an extra $1.00 over 6 years a catch up raise? LMAO! This will piss drivers off but I don't think it was real neccessary to give you a $5.00 raise when you are already the BEST paid in the business. There are pleny of drivers for other companys glad to be making 13.50 or 17.00/hr. You definately deserve a raise but $5.00 after the union has been promissing a wage gap decrease for part timers? Know that in 6 years your loads are going to start getting realy bad, or in some case worse, because the part timers that load your trucks aren't gonna want to stick around for 8.50/9.50 an hour. Even with the cost of living protection it won't be worth it. Some people (I'm not one of them) thinks it isn't now. Other part-timers that load trailers and unload,etc. will be this way too. Turnover will be sooo high. The full-timers will be getting richer while part-timers will start second guessing their jobs at UPS and go elsewhere. This is the main reason I'm voting no. That is if my ballot will ever show up!!
  2. I got my ballot a week ago you better call you local.One things for sure starting wage is too low we have been telling UPS that and the turnover rate shows it. Micky Ds will be the talk on cnn (Best Employers) if they dont do something.