Wage Garnishments turn around time

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    I'm wondering if there's a policy set about any wage requirements that are served to UPS Agents as far as time frames. I was told all wage garnishments that are served had to be turned around within 72 hours. Does anyone know how I would go about finding this out?

    Is there a phone # I can call for the UPS Agent?
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    What the hell is a UPS Agent?
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    I'd contact your HR person in your building if you have one. Also on UPSers there's a link for wage garnishments and a toll free number if I'm correct.
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    Division HR or Division Controller will have the answers. You might receive a certified mail by ups informing you UPS is garnishing wages cause of court order.
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    Your wages will get garnished before you get the letter saying they will start

    I have a number you can call if you need it , just pm me because I don't know if I should post it
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    The above quote is your best answer.

    However, just as a matter of information, the criteria is different for different types of garnishments. (IRS, State tax, child support, etc.) Unless there have been changes in the past three years, the payroll department is required to notify you in writing of their receipt of garnishment instructions. They are not required to have any proof that you received the notification; however, a lot of employers do send the notification certified. They are to include a copy of the garnishment with this notification. The first regularly scheduled payroll within a set number of days after they send notification (I believe it is 10 days), they are required to begin withholding from your check in order to satisfy the garnishment. The payroll dept is given a specific dollar amount OR (most normally) a very specific formula to figure out exactly how much is to be withheld from each check. They are also given the total dollar amount that is due. The payroll dept MUST remit the garnished wages to the requesting entity within a certain length of time (again, I believe it is 10 days).

    This is probably way more information - or even not what you really wanted to know. I wish you all the best and hope that you find the answers you are looking for. :happy-very: