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    Hi all, has anyone been through this or something similar? So here’s the situation. I’ve got an employee who transferred from Oakland CA to Lathrop CA back when the building first opened. Up until a few weeks ago he was making the wage rate that he made in Oakland CA due to the city ordinance that raised the minimum wage. But now they just cut him back to what he would have been making based on the contract. When he left Oakland, they never told him that he was going to have to take a cut in wages. And for over a year and a half they let him continue to make what he was making back there. I’m just trying to find out if anybody has had any similar situations? Or has any advice as to how to approach this?
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    I believe he just has to deal with it. Correct me if I'm wrong but when you transfer you forfeit your seniority don't you? Treated as a new hire in a sense. Also, they have to realize that different states, cities, and counties have different laws, including the minimum wage. Not to mention different locals have different supplements regarding wages. That's something that they have the due diligence in looking into before pulling the trigger on a transfer. Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe that's the way it goes.
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    In our building (before they bumped everyone to $15) you made an extra dollar if you worked the preload but if you transferred shifts you lost that dollar and people would complain but it only makes sense. Why should he make more than the rest of the building just because he started somewhere else?
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    I think if you searched a bit, you would find at least 1 other thread from a few years ago, where someone was overpaid for quite a while and had the over-payment deducted from their paycheck over time.

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    He followed his work so he gets to keep seniority
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    Better prepare to payback the overpayment