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  1. alexander829

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    I just made my 30 days to become a fulltime driver. i was tcd driver making $ 26 plus per hour. i have a question my center manager wants to lower my pay per hour at $16? Is he allowed to do that even if when i was making $26 per hour in my 30 days?

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    OVERBOARD Active Member

    Yes. But now you have seniority.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No, he is not, although I am calling BS on the $26/hr. You would be red circled at your current rate of pay until such time as any contractual raises you would have received puts your wage above the red circled amount.
  4. alexander829

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  5. UnsurePost

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    Red Circled as a temp? Doubt it.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How many TCD's make $26/hr? Would he then drop down to $16/hr?
  7. gman042

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    Until progression caught up you should continue at the wage you are at.
  8. washington57

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    prob a former 22.3 who was laid off to part time. thats about $26/hr.
  9. brown_trousers

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    If he was a former 22.3 that was at the top $26/hr rate then laid-off to part-time, he would make top rate as a ground driver because you only have to complete a FT wage progression once to receive top wage for any full-time job you bid into.
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    I wonder how many drivers out there that this is unknowingly affecting? They tried this stunt with me. Had an on car and even my driver mentor say it was legit. Only until coming here did I find out you don't drop down to the $16.10. I could see a lot of guys just going along with it.
  11. UPSGUY72

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    When your weren't being a TCD what did you do ??? Did you work inside as a PT inside if so what was your pay rate ??? If it wasn't $26 hr than you SOL. You will be starting out at $16.10.
  12. UnsurePost

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    I believe that in the Atlantic region, "TCD" have their own pay progression. I'm not an expert, but that's what I remember when I read their supplement.

    If they're at $26/hr as a TCD, I'm pretty sure their rate is dropped when they enter a FT driving job.

    The above may or not be accurate, feel free to double-check. :)
  13. abstractthought

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    For me personally, I was a loader for 6 years, then became a TCD making about $26/hour. I went to FT late february and kept the same pay rate.
  14. Roston Rashad Veal

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    yea i just started as an tcd and im at 26.80 that 16.10 stuff was mentioned in the class as what i would get paid but i doubt its going to effect me maybe it was the contract i was hired in on
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    Just became a TCD here and my rate is $26.66 and that's no BS. They also clarified that once you start driving at $26.66, they can't knock you down to the lower rate when going full time. This info was given by HR who actually is the driver instructor for our NSPS.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Wouldn't your pay drop when you start progression?
  17. robbdogg75

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    I was specifically told once you get paid $26.66 for driving, you can't be knocked down when moving to fulltime driver. Center manager and HR confirmed that to me. Maybe every region is different though.
  18. Brown to Brown

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    Should keep the same rate/