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  1. Molly1990

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    I am trying to transfer my job to San Diego and I'm waiting on positions to open up in jcats2 does anyone have any idea on how long I might have to to wait for position to open up in the San Diego area? If anyone here checks Jcats a lot how often do you see jobs in San Diego is kind of what I'm asking.
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    I used to check JCATS weekly but didn't follow California openings much due to the cost of living. Being a big city there should be openings soon but most likely part-time. A sure fire way to get into a large city fulltime is to be a swing driver. May frustrate the heck out of you, but it does pay more and you'll need it out there.
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    A guy transferred from San Diego to my location, he says getting FT was virtually impossible and based on his emp number and mine I'm guessing he was there well over 10 years-if your looking for FT that is.
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    Molly, just check every friday... and yes if you are FT already, going Swing is your best bet. I just saw one in another MAJOR metro, and I with less than 10yrs would have won the bid(unfortunately big METRO and I don't fit.)
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    Be proactive. Find out who the senior manager is at the station you're trying to transfer to and shoot him an email saying how you're very interested in coming there and when a position might be opening.
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    I put in for a transfer to San Diego for a FT swing position a couple years ago, while still with the company. It was one of the only San Diego jcats FT listings I ever saw. Needless to say I wasn't anywhere close to getting the spot. Had about 10 employees in front of me, and that was with my 7-8 years seniority. You best have a ton (15+ years) of seniority if you want to score a transfer to Diego. Nicest city in America weather wise.
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    If you do get the transfer please say "hi" to fethrs and tell her that we miss her very much on this forum.
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    There were a couple handler positions that opened up at the ramp in San Diego last week so I put in a bid for a handler position and a material handler position. I am already a handler where I am at in Minnesota and I only have 19 months of seniority. As a side note I have been working at FedEx since I was 19.

    My question is if I put in for these positions and a month or so later a courier position opens up can I put in a bid for it right away? And if I'm top of the rankings for these handler jobs that should mean I will get them for sure and I should be expecting to be packing up and heading down to San Diego right? Also what is the difference between a Handler position and a Material Handler? Does a Material Handler get paid more or get more hours at all? Which one would be better to take material handler or just handler?
  9. FedEx916

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    Material Handlers get paid about $.070-$1.00 more per hour, but have a lot more responsibility. They will typically be working ground and air ops at a ramp/hub. i.e. loading and unloading planes, tugging, loading ctv trucks. Regular handlers are typically (im sure not always) isolated to the sort, and usually don't work on as much of the GSE (ground equipment).

    But to answer you're original question (and assuming you are 21 years old as is the req for couriers in express) you would be hard pressed to find many courier jobs being posted in the near future. Express is doing the normal clamp down on the STA's to cut costs. There is a hiring freeze in the Western region, and it takes a lot for the suits to approve a high cost (training, wage courier school) position to be posted if there is any way for them to avoid it (fill rte with swing driver, PT driver or temporarily dissolve it into rte's around it). Good luck. If you do end up at a station as a handler, you could bid immediately on FT or PT courier jobs. If you end up at a ramp/hub you'd have to wait for contract to expire before you could bid outside location (unless job is posted with waiver).
  10. Maui

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    The position is AGFS so you would not be able to bid for Courier positions without a waiver. Furthermore, it is an often repeated fable that you can immediately bid for promotions at the station. It depends on the language in your offer letter. If it states that you must remain "in position" for X months, then you must stay in that position for that term. try to make sure the language in your offer letter states remain "at location".

    That being said, local management will typically allow in station promotions, but not location transfers without a waiver. If it appears that someone really does not have what it takes to be a courier, then local management might enforce the in position language strictly. Or if they have someone they prefer that has less seniority.

    What were the terms in your original offer letter? Usually it is 12-24 months for a new hire.
  11. Operational needs

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    ‚ÄčEvery station I've been in required you to be in position for six months before you could bid on another position within that station.