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    Hi, I am new to this site and hope I can receive some help. I'm currently applying for a job as home delivery. I was working at another job, when my boss found out I was looking for another job. He fired me because of this. I passed everything so far for the driver job. The physical, drug teat, federal background check. Now I'm waiting on the state background check. Its been over 2 weeks and I'm told it's still processing. Now I have 1 felony , but that was in 99 when I was young and dumb. That was over 15 years ago. I was told it only goes back 10, plus I passed the federal one. I'm just so worried because I have a 20 month old son at home to take care of and bills to pay. Sorry to rant. I was just wondering what the hold up could be. Did anyone else have this problem. I was told Oct 2 by 3 o'clock I should have an answer. Well its the 4th, and I called and its still processing. I wish my boss didn't find out, because I would still be working and been able to care for my family. Thank you all for your time.
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    FedEx takes it's time processing applicants, and as an HD driver you work for a contractor, but you really work for FedEx, as is evident from the application steps. A felony might get you bounced, but consider it a blessing if you do not get this job. Try to go somewhere that has a future.

    If the felony really does drop-off, go to UPS and pay your dues as a sorter/handler. The hours suck, but you'll eventually be able to get a package car job that currently pays $35 per hour and has excellent benefits and retirement. You'd be doing both yourself and your family a favor long-term.
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    Have your contractor throw a fit. It shouldn't take that long.
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    I've seen them come back as quickly as 3 days and take as long as 3 weeks. It's all run by a third party so no one at FedEx or the contractor can do anything.
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    Only hiring contractor can press the issue. 3-5 days is the norm
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    Since you weren't fired for cause it sounds to me like you have a case to get unemployment.
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    I actually filled for unemployment, that's also a waiting game. I passed the federal background check, so I can't see the state background check coming up with anything. The lady at the office can look up and see everything that is going on with my case. Everything went threw, just says processing for state. Thanks everyone for the answers. I will eventually try ups, but anything at this point is better than what I was doing. Plus the work experience is a plus on my resume. I think lol
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    Yea, maybe Fedex will let you hire your employee. What a joke!!!!!
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    Odd, isn't it?
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    Where did you get a drug teat?
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    I think I might like one of those myself.
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    I've got a ready market if you've got a steady supply!