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    Let me begin by saying I ve been reading these threads for years and only now felt compelled to put in my 2 cents.As a UPSer for more than 20 years I can assure you the opinions I will express arent just my own.Its just that,until now Ive been content with just keeping it to a select few co-workers,but enough already.
    Those of you who wish to continue to believe management is doing whats best for the company must also still believe in the tooth fairy.Its truly a numbers game to meet bonuses and to save their own butts...at our expense.That expense includes health issues,lack of family time and unreasonable expectations....all to reach their sometimes very unrealistic numbers.When you watch fellow co-workers with 25-30 years of service whove never recieved a warning letter in their career get one for unrealisticly attainable numbers its no wonder moral is at an all time low. UPS used to pride itself on CUSTOMER SERVICE...but we all know its no longer about the customer.
    When a time study...actual or virtual....says you should have 10 less stops and yet to meet stops per car,your stop count has INCREASED 20-25 stops you tell me thats not unrealistic? WAKE UP ALREADY:angry:
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    Upper management has turned the employees against the company with the terrible and unfair way they have treated us these past years. No longer are we part of a team trying to get a job done. Upper management has created a totally hostile work environment that will hurt the company in the long term. Do they think that they will get the full help and cooperation of their employees by their actions? They definitely will not. Many employees are here now only to collect a paycheck and care little about the company. UPS has been very profitable for the short term but will be in decline for many years to come.
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    we had 2 drivers(both 20 year + guys) get warning letters in the last 2 weeks for "performance"..off by less than 1 stop per hour.....and the same cover driver did both of their routes the week before...some of these cover drivers need a good old "boot party'..
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    That's the problem with these cover drivers, thinking they are doing
    the right thing, just screwing the next guy. That warning letter is
    fightable, especially since it's less than a stop.
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    That part is a given ... I believe it's called enlightened self-interest.

    I use to feel the same way about those smart boys in school that made 100 on the tests and destroying the curve. We use to beat them up until they learned to make 90s instead.
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    I dont have a problem with a guy who scores 100 because he is smart and chooses to study and give 100% effort. By the same token, I dont have a problem with a cover driver who busts his ass and give 100% effort...as long as he is doing the job safely and correctly. "The curve"...whether in school or at work...will be what it will be.

    I do have a problem with cheaters ....whether in school or at work....who ruin the curve and make things hard for those of us who follow the rules.
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    I always assumed those people making 100 were cheaters.
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    It's almost as if upper level management has become recalcitrant.
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    I think they are doing what the Board has provided them with guidance to do.
  10. soberups

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    No, some of them are just smarter and harder working.

    I can accept the fact that there are people who will score better on a test than me. I can also accept that there are people who can run my route faster than me. As long as they are doing it honestly...then I am secure enough in my own ego that I dont begrudge them their superior ability. Good things happen when gifted people apply themselves, and it serves no purpose for those with lesser abilities to try and hold them back.

    What I refuse to do...is to get drawn into any sort of "production contest" with a guy half my age who speeds through residential neighborhoods, skips his lunch, screws my customers out of the service that they are paying for, and ultimately screws the company I work for by getting into expensive accidents or getting injured through his own negligence. In the short term he might make his supervisor look a little better on paper; but in the long term his behavior is bad for him, bad for the customer, and bad for the company.
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    Cry me a river Marory it's been like this for some time. Survival of the fittest. Man I'm flourishing bring it on I can play the game it's called METHODS. Live learn it and like it. I love it. It's called do the job play the game
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    In other words,they will be disciplined(demoted,pay cut,moved etc)if they fail to follow instructions ,regardless if it has any proximity to achieve positive results using the tools they are given to work with.You joke about it,but when you've been doing the same area for 20+ years and now you are expected to do 25 more stops every day so they can save money by eliminating routes,it gets to be a bit too much after awhile.It sure seems like they think we all just time stealing thieves.They have no clue or do they seem to care how physical the job actually is
    Do you think the OP finally came out of the closet because this stuff is not happening?
    I know it's just stupid to believe everything you read,but the overwhelming amount of posts describing the push for impossible production standards speaks for itself.
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    My reply was to whiskey's post that "Upper management has become recalcitrant." The meaning of recalcitrant is " Marked by stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance." Upper management gets their guidance and directions from the Board.

    If you go back and read my post I think you will see I was not responding to the OP but to whiskey.

    I don't have any problems with what the OP posted and I never responded to it. My perception is that his/her frustration is sincere and genuine.

    Peace Bro :peaceful:
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    Shouldn't the expectation and the production increase as there are improvements technology, knowledge, methods, ability, and equipment? Back in the 30s the probably did 20 stops and felt like it was nearly impossible to do a single additional stop.

    Complacency is a detriment to business and progress in general. Achieving more requires higher expectations.

    Everyone, everywhere does more, produces more and expects more now than in prior years. It's progress.

    When progress stops, others will pass by.
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    I guess I don't understand. Are your centers comparing one drivers performance to anothers? If that is indeed the case, the discipline will go nowhere. In most of these production discipline cases, it comes from a certification ride in which the driver shows a demonstrated level of performance while a sup is on car and then a lower level when the sup is no longer with them. Usually a three day certification ride procedes this harrasment. Don't think I am agreeing with the SPORH crap. It in no way is an acurate representation of what happens out there everyday. JUST FOLLOW THE METHODS AND YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!!!!!!!
  17. DS

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    True,but doctoring a load to ensure high numbers and locking them in as min,max,has no relationship with volume or reality.
    If we are to live up to our name,as the best choice for moving product,we have to have some leeway to provide the service we promise.
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    +1 to my vernacular
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    Okay Mr cry you a river... hahahhaa ..I would not say its " a survival of the fittest" type of career... I commend you on flourishing and being a gamer... But I have to agree with "youknowwhoiam"
    Yes methods is what we follow and I have been with them 15 years and don't know many drivers who use methods 100 % of the time with these standards... Maybe when certain drivers come in early and load there trucks off the clock for free to save themselves time on road and then give back there lunch and 10 minutes breaks... I guess that would be a great moral booster for your managements bonuses
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    Darn I just got done looking up recalcitrant and now I have to look up vernacular... Isn 't that a part of the heart or something?